Quorum: 3 July 2017


  1. Membership applications:
    1. Breckland’s application for full membership (Motion failed.)
    2. Uberquisenburg’s application for full membership (Motion passed.)
  2. Project Updates:
    1. Quorum presiding amendment
    2. GUM Instagram
    3. GUM International Exhbitions
    4. Update on Diplomabear progress and rota
    5. Work of the Statistics Secretariat
    6. Work of the Media Secretariat
  3. Questions to the Chair
  4. Quorum adjourned.

Please report any errors to Alexander Gibbs or the Secretariat for Public Relations and Press.

Quorum: 12 June 2017

Nations Present:

  1. Mercia
  2. Coria
  3. Abeldene
  4. Jupiter
  5. Überstadt
  6. Paravia
  7. Novapara
  8. Shorewell
  9. Esse
  10. Wyvern


  1. Membership applications: Occitana’s application for provisional membership (passed)
  2. Updates on Chair Election: King Max I withdraws from the election
  3. Update from the Statistics Secretary.
  4. Diplobear Updates
  5. Questions to the Chair: None
  6. Quorum adjourned.


Please report any errors to Alexander Gibbs or the Secretariat for Public Relations and Press.

Quorum: 29 May 2017

Nations Present:

  1. Shorewell
  2. Mercia
  3. Coria
  4. Paravia
  5. Edenic Compact
  6. Jupiter
  7. Sabia and Verona
  8. Novian Republic
  9. Esse
  10. Stravinia
  11. Ashukovo
  12. Mcarthia


  1. Membership applications: Glastieve’s application for full membership. (Motion passed.)
  2. Diplomabear Update: no updates.
  3. Update from the Statistics Secretary.
  4. Schedule of GUM Election Season:
    1. 4-10 June – Nominations.
    2. 11-17 June – Campaigning.
    3. 18-24 June – Voting.
    4. 25 June – Results, new Chair term begins.
  5. Questions to the Chair: Request to receive updates in meetings from the SPRP.
  6. Quorum adjourned.


Please report any errors to Alexander Gibbs or the Secretariat for Public Relations and Press.

Quorum: 22 May 2017

Nations Present:

  1. Esse
  2. Abelden
  3. Jupiter
  4. Austenasia
  5. Paravia
  6. Mercia
  7. The Danube
  8. Stravinia
  9. Ashukovo
  10. Shorewell


  1. Membership applications: Novapara’s application for provisional membership (Motion passed), Winthroopstan’s application for provisional membership (Motion failed), Jupiter’s ascension to full member status (Motion passed), Stravinia’s ascension to full member status (Motion passed).
  2. Update from the Statistics Secretariat.
  3. Motion. “I motion that the GUM undertake the responsibilities of maintaining and updating Micropages to include accurate information about various micronations, and that the project be administered by the Secretariat for Statistical Research.” (Motion passed)
  4. National Reports. Link available here.
  5. Any Other Business. None.
  6. Quorum adjourned.

Quorum: 13/5/2017

Nations present:

1. Esse

2. Flammancia

3. Stravinia

4. Ashukovo

5. Koss

6. Mercia

7. Austenasia

8. Mcarthia


1. Welcome.

2. Membership applications: the Republic of Glastieve. (Motion passed.)

3. Motion: reorganize the Media and Public Relations Secretary to the Secretariat of Public Relations and Press. (Motion passed.)

4. Motion: make Dave Ross an SPRP Outreach Officer. (Motion passed.)

5. Motion: make Bilal Irfan an SPRP Outreach Officer. (Motion passed.)

6. Koss’ Diplomabear Report: Diplomabear traveling to Wyvern.

7. Weekly Statistics Report: conducted by Ashukovo in place of the Secretary.

8. Questions to the Chair: No questions asked.

9. GUM Nation Reports: to be posted on the forum.

10. Quorum adjourned.

Quorums: 28/1/17 – 12/5/17

Quorum of the Grand Unified Micronational for the 28th of January, 2017

Nations present (in order of declaration with Chair’s nation listed first)
1: Uberstadt (with Chair King Adam I)
2: Coria
3: Eniarku
4: Mcarthia
5: Danube
6: Wings (as Esse)
7: Shorewell
8: Austenasia
9: Zenrax
10: Koss
11: Paravia
12: Edenopolis
13: Mercia
14: Breckland

1: Welcome
2: Membership application by Juclandia:
Quorum approved the application for provisional membership.
3: Membership application by Jupiter: Quorum rejected the application for provisional membership.
4: Membership application by Duaktoserija: Quorum rejected the application for provisional membership.
5: Membership application by the Herbatrean Federation: Quorum rejected the application for provisional membership.
6: Exhibitions: The Chair proposed a motion to share artistic, scientific, architectural, literary and other accomplishments between delegate nations. The full motion is as follows:

“That the Chair shall quarterly solicit from the GUM’s members and observers media showcasing each nation’s cultural activities and achievements, including art, literature, science, construction, and events; that the Chair shall publish these submissions on the organization’s WordPress site to showcase the members’ accomplishments and thereby encourage nation-building; and that these quarterly undertakings shall be known as the Grand Unified Micronational International Exhibitions.”

The motion was approved by Quorum.
7: Update on Micronationalism Guides: All authors of micronationalism guides were obliged by Quorum motion to publish for GUM editing links to their guides. Additionally, a motion “that the writing of Micronationalism Guides to be published by the organization be permitted not only on political topics, but on any matter of general interest to the leaders of micronations.”
8: Update on Diplomabear: No update was had.
9: Update on the Micronational Relations Diagram: The survey for the Micronational Relations Diagram will be re-published.
10: Questions to the Chair: A question regarding a potential GUM currency was asked. The Chair rejected the idea of a unified GUM currency, citing the fact that a symbolic currency would have no function. An additional question regarding the potential for a debate on the GUMSC was heard; it was felt that such a debate would be better heard in the audience of the Supreme Justice.
11: National Reports: Austenasia, Koss, Shorewell, Esse, Breckland and Uberstadt gave National Reports at this session.
12: AOB: The Sultan of Shorewell requested to be confirmed by Quorum as a GUM Peace Envoy. The motion was rejected. An additional motion was suggested, though not voted on, giving the Press Secretary authority to hold press conferences. Questions over whether the motion was legally necessary were heard.
13: Session closed: The Chair did not set the date or time for the next meeting.

Quorum of the Grand Unified Micronational for the 5th of February, 2017

Nations present (in order of declaration with Chair’s nation listed first)
1: Zenrax (with Vice-Chair Emperor Thomas I)
2: Shorewell
3: Coria
4: Campinia
5: Mcarthia
6: Paravia
7: Edenic Compact
8: Wyvern
9: Wings, later Esse
10: Lundenwic
11: Austenasia

1: Welcome
2: Esse succession question:
Quorum voted to recognise Esse as the successor state to the United States of Wings after a short debate.
3: Observership application by United Republic of Farrar and Duaktoserija: Quorum rejected the application for observership.
4: Observership application by the Danube: Quorum approved the application for observership.
5: Discussion on press conferences: Quorum motioned that “Quorum recognizes the right of the Press Secretary to hold press conferences regarding its meetings and accomplishments” successfully.
6: Membership application by Custosia: Custosia’s application was rejected by Quorum.
7: Project Updates: Micronationalism guides were published in the Lounge for Quorum scrutiny.
8: Questions to the Chair: No questions were asked.
9: National Reports: The Edenic Compact, Shorewell, Zenrax and Austenasia gave National Reports this session.
10: Session closed: The Chair set the next meeting date and time for 11th of February at 20:00 UTC.

Quorum of the Grand Unified Micronational for the 12th of February

Nations present (in order of declaration of attendance with Chair’s nation listed first)
1: Zenrax
2: Mcarthia
3: Eniarku
4: Edenic Compact
5: Paravia
6: Adammia
7: Koss
8: Coria

1: Welcome
2: Membership application from the Farrar Republic:
Quorum rejected the membership application.
3: Kossian Time Zone Research: The delegate from Koss was not present to report.
4: Project updates: None were had.
5: National Reports: None were had.
6: GUMSC Associate Justices Motion: A motion:

That two Associate Justices shall be nominated by the Chair and approved by Quorum to have a permanent position on the Supreme Court, as well as to fulfill the functions mandated by Article III, chapter VI.m of the Charter. The Associate Justices must be delegates of a full member state and may not be either the Chair or Vice-Chair; they will be subject to the same provisions of office as the Supreme Justice.

was passed by Quorum.
7: Additional GUMSC Motion: A motion “that cases brought to the Supreme Court may be heard by any of the three Justices, or the Supreme Judge may order that a case be heard in front of all three Justices, but the Associate Justices have no power to veto legislation on their own accord” was passed by Quorum.
8: GUMSC Appeals Motion: A motion “that decisions of the Supreme Court, including judicial vetoes, or lack thereof, may be appealed through the filing of a petition for review to the court. The court, by majority vote of the three Justices, shall decide whether to hear said appeal, and if so the final decision shall be made by a majority verdict of the three Justices. The court shall additionally be obliged to hear appeals by order of the Supreme Justice or Chair.” was passed by Quorum.
9: Session closed: The Chair set the meeting time and date for the next session to the 18th of February, 2017, at 20:00 UTC.

Quorum: 22/1/17

Nations present (in order of declaration of attendance with Chair’s nation listed first)

1. Zenrax (with Vice-Chair Emperor Thomas)
2. Mcarthia
3. Coria
4. Edenopolis
5. Wings
6. Campinia
7. Austenasia
8. Breckland
9. Paravia
10. Abelden
11. Lundenwic
12. Eniarku
13. Nemkhavia
14. Wyvern
15. Zealandia
16. Mercia
17. Koss

1. Welcome
2. Membership applications (the Danube, Nedland, the Herbatrean Federation and Novapara):
Quorum voted to retain the Danube’s provisional membership on the GUM talk page.
Nedland’s application for full membership was rejected.
Discussion on Herbatrea’s membership was deferred to the next session for want of information.
Novapara’s application for observer membership was approved.
3. Peace Envoy appointments: Six applicants (HL Richard I (Mercia), Emperor Jonathan I (Austenasia), King Horatio Eden (Edenopolis), Emperor Stephen I & II (Abelden), President Twain (Wings) and Emperor Patrick I (Paravia)) applied for a position as a Peace Envoy subordinate to the Secretary of Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law. All six were approved by one motion.
4. Project updates: The President of Mcarthia updated Quorum on the SCRIL. A public consultation is presently underway; additionally, research into a potential intermicronational legal qualification is being done.
5. Complaint procedure: A motion:

that there shall be a procedure for the resolution of formal complaints to and regarding the GUM.
-The Chair is responsible in the first instance for the handling of formal complaints to the Grand Unified Micronational.
– Formal complaints must be clearly and unambiguously presented as such, and contain as full as possible descriptions of the matters from which the complaints arise.
–The Chair is obliged to inform the Vice-Chair, Supreme Judge, and Quorum every time he or she receives a formal complaint, unless they can be resolved immediately.
-There shall be no restrictions on who may submit a complaint.
-If complaints cannot be satisfactorily resolved by the Chair in a period of fourteen days, they shall be passed to Quorum for resolution.
–Quorum may take further action as they see fit.
-Anyone submitting a formal complaint may enjoy the following rights:
–The right to remain anonymous;
–The right to be free from prosecution as a result of submitting their complaint;
–The right to have their complaint dealt with in an appropriate manner as specified by statute;
–The right to be informed of the status of their complaint;
–The right to be provided with a full explanation by a senior officer of the organisation if it is not possible to resolve a complaint;
–The right to an effective remedy for a violation of these rights.

was passed by Quorum.
6. National Reports: Abelden, Campinia, Mercia, Austenasia, Mcarthia, Koss, Zenrax, Zealandia, Nemkhavia and Paravia gave National Reports this session.
7. Skovaji membership: Concerns were raised about the continued membership of Skovaji; specifically the fact that their delegate has been beyond contact for three months. No vote or motion was taken.