How to Join the GUM

How do you go about joining the GUM?

  1. Ratify the Charter For a nation to join the Grand Unified Micronational, it must first ratify the Charter of the GUM. Add signatures to this page here. When ratifying, you should also state whether you are applying for full, observership, or provisional membership.
  2. Contact the Chair The current Chair of the GUM is Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia. Contact him and inform him of your nation’s ratification.
  3. Wait for Voting The GUM must then vote on your ratification, and will do so at its next Quorum session. If a nation is approved, it must then wait a further two weeks for a second vote, where it is hopefully granted full membership.

Not all nations are approved; the Quorum can be selective when voting on nation’s applications, and nations have been turned down in the past. However, you can increase your chances of approval both by working hard on your micronation, and actively for the benefit of the community.

Good luck!

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