Quorum: 05/06/2016

This was the first Quorum session for the new GUM. Here follows a summary of proceedings.


  1. Austenasia (with Chair Jonathan I)
  2. Mcarthia (with observer Nathalie Mezza-Garcia)
  3. Noland
  4. Paravia
  5. Roseland
  6. Mercia
  7. Adammia (provisional)
  8. Lundenwic
  9. Whestcorea
  10. Breckland (provisional)
  11. Reyla
  12. DRCC
  13. Beacon City (provisional)


  1. Introduction Ms Mezza-Garcia was welcomed, who was observing proceedings for academic research. Minor points of order were raised.
  2. Clemency for Delegates with Criminal Records As the Charter prohibits individuals with micronational criminal records serving as delegates with Quorum approval, the delegate status of both Premier Dallin Langford and HIM Jonathan I was approved by the Quorum.
  3. Membership Applications The membership of Adammia, Breckland, and Beacon City was approved. Nedland and Humanytaria were rejected. The three approved nations will have to wait at least two weeks before becoming full members.
  4. Appointment of a Supreme Justice The Chair nominated HIM Taeglan I Nihilus as Supreme Justice – an appointment supported by the Quorum.
  5. Creation of a News Site President Kit McCarthy proposed the creation of an official GUM news site, which was approved. Mr. McCarthy was voted in as Secretary for Media and Public Relations.
  6. GUM Goals The idea of GUM Goals, an equivalent to the United Nation’s Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals, was raised. It was agreed not to discuss this point, pending further out-of-Quorum debate.
  7. Letters to non-MicroWiki nations This proposal, to write letters to various non-MicroWiki nations (including Molossia), was generally supported by the Quorum. It was decided that the Chair would draft three different letters with varying premises which could be voted on by the Quorum next session.
  8. Final Points One small agenda point was missed, the system for proposing agendas was clarified, the issue of the outdated wiki page was raised, and the Chair summarised the proceedings. The next session shall be on the 12th of June 2016, at 2000 BST.

Quorum Adjourned.




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