Quorum: 12/06/2016

The second Quorum session for the new GUM.


  1. Austenasia (with Chair Jonathan I)
  2. Mcarthia
  3. Paravia
  4. Roseland
  5. Mercia
  6. Adammia (provisional)
  7. Lundenwic
  8. Whestcorea
  9. Breckland (provisional)
  10. DRCC
  11. Beacon City (provisional)


  1. Introduction
  2. Time Zone Issues It was raised that the matter of time zones made it inconvenient for some delegates to attend sessions. A motion to allow advance voting was passed.
  3. Membership Applications New Starland was accepted. Matai was offered observership. Pacem, St. Kilda, Shorewall, New Sussex and Hampshire, and Abelden were rejected. New Starland will have to wait at least two weeks before becoming a full member.
    It was also raised that the GUM may be at danger of running an exclusionary admissions policy, a point which was debated briefly.
  4. Letters to non-MicroWiki nations This proposal, to write letters to various non-MicroWiki nations (including Molossia), was raised last session, and the Chair presented three potential letters. A letter was selected, and delegates will now propose various nations to which this letter may be sent.
  5. Report of News Site Press Secretary Kit McCarthy provided a brief report on the new site – gumnews.wordpress.com
    There have been 142 views so far, and the contact form has been used once.
  6. Chair Election Update Voting for the new Chair elections shall open on Saturday the 18th of June.
  7. Time Zone Issues It was agreed that in order to be fair to all delegates’ circumstances (especially in the case of time zones), the Chair must have to take into account the availability of all delegates.
  8. Legal Assistance A proposal to provide legal assistance to nations was raised. It was decided that Kit McCarthy would return with a concrete proposal.
  9. Final Points Several agenda points were postponed in the interests of time, and the Chair agreed to contact all delegates to establish Quorum scheduling ideals. The next session shall be on the 18th of June 2016, at 1300 BST.

Quorum Adjourned.




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