Quorum: 19/05/2016


  1. Austenasia (with Chair Jonathan I)
  2. Roseland
  3. Mercia
  4. Adammia
  5. Lundenwic
  6. Whestcorea
  7. New Starland (provisional)
  8. Noland
  9. Zenrax
  10. DRCC
  11. Koss


  1. Introduction
  2. Membership Applications Adammia, Breckland, and Beacon City were all voted in as provisional members. Sorrenia was accepted as a provisional member. Hortania was rejected.
  3. Letters to non-MicroWiki nations This proposal, to write letters to various non-MicroWiki nations (including Molossia), has been discussed frequently, and last session a letter was approved. The letter will now be sent to Molossia, Vikesland, Westarctica, Calsahara, Ladonia, Kumano, Arborea, Reunion, and Talossa.
  4. Chair Election Update Voting was under way at time of meeting. The two candidates were Fionnbarra O Cathail of Leylandiistan & Gurvata, and Kit McCarthy of Mcarthia (NOTE: since the time of meeting, Fionnbarra O Cathail has been confirmed as the new Chair).
  5. GUM Goals There was brief discussion regarding the idea of the GUM Goals, but further action was again postponed.
  6. Condemnation of Micronational War Bee Healy of Roseland successfully proposed a motion requiring the GUM to condemn micronational war. A motion to automatically table a motion of suspension against any members who declared war on other nations failed.
  7. Final Points Thomas Merrell of Zenrax told the Quorum of problems with inactivity in his nation, and that the government was considering both national reforms and dissolution as potential ways forwards. The next session shall be on the 25th of June 2016, at 1400 BST.

Quorum Adjourned.




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