Quorum: 25/06/2016

This was Fionnbarra O Cathail’s first session as newly elected Chair.


  1. Leylandiistan and Gurvata (with Chair Fionnbarra O Cathail)
  2. Austenasia
  3. Mcarthia
  4. Adammia
  5. Breckland
  6. DRCC
  7. Lundenwic
  8. Mercia
  9. Noland
  10. Paravia
  11. Roseland
  12. Überstadt
  13. Whestcorea
  14. Zenrax
  15. New Starland (provisional)
  16. Sorrenia (provisional)

NOTE: Those present will now be ordered as follows: those nations with delegates appointed to official roles shall come first, followed by all other nations alphabetically. Provisional members shall come last.


  1. Introduction
  2. Membership Applications Nedland’s provisional membership was extended by two weeks. Noveria was accepted as an observer, while Pacem’s request for observership was rejected.
  3. Election of Shane Cahill and Jonathan Augustus Fionnbarra O Cathail formally became the 24th Chair of the GUM, with Jonathan Augustus handing over the chairmanship. He pledged to be held accountable, and will have brief Q&A sessions at the start of each session of Quorum. Jonathan Augustus became Vice-Chair.
  4. Recognition of Valdsland as Whestcorean successor state The Quorum agreed to recognise Valdsland as the successor state of Whestcorea.
  5. Extension of Provisional Membership Voting It was agreed that votes to extend provisional memberships would take place on the GUM Talk page. This was raised as due to the scheduling of Quorum sessions, it was sometimes not possible to vote on provisional memberships the day they expired.
  6. Report on Letters Jonathan Augustus confirmed that letters had been sent to all nations previously agreed on in the last session except Talossa, and that replies would be brought to the Quorum when they were received.
  7. Review of Rejected Applications It was briefly suggested that there should be a formal procedure following the rejection of applications to the GUM. The proposal was turned down.
  8. Proposals for Declaration of a New Historic Period It was raised that the community has moved past the current historic period declared on MicroWiki, and suggested that the GUM should declare a new one. The first point was accepted, but it was pointed out that the GUM did not have the mandate to interfere in MicroWiki matters.
  9. GUM Goals The King of Überstadt and Kit McCarthy had both proposed sets of GUM Goals, and it was agreed again that further discussion would happen in the GUM Lounge. (NOTE: the King of Überstadt and Kit McCarthy are currently working on a complete list of goals)
  10. MicroWiki Article It was raised that the current MicroWiki article for the GUM is seriously out-of-date, and required revision. Jonathan Augustus shall work on it for next session.
  11. Legal Assistance Proposal It was proposed that a committee be formed to review the potential for offering legal assistance. It is currently planned that the GUM will offer legal advice to any nation when needed, and will also prepare a selection of documents with guidance on micronational legal affairs.
  12. Seconding of Motions It was agreed that any motion will have to be seconded before it goes to a full vote.
  13. Organisation of Statutory Code It was agreed that the Statutory Code of the GUM should be organised by category to prevent it becoming disorganised. Shane Cahill and Kit McCarthy will work on this.
  14. Final Points It was not agreed when the next session would be.

Quorum Adjourned.




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