Quorum: 21/08/2016

Present (listed in order of declaration of presence, with Chair’s nation listed first)

1. Leylandiistan & Gurvata (with Fionnbarra O Cathail as Chair)
2. Abelden
3. Paravia
4. Roseland
5. Adammia6. Reyla
7. Koss
8. Kingdoms and Lands Represented in the Council of the Triarchal Crowns of the Disciples (a.k.a. Mercia)
9. Valdsland
10. Austenasia
11. Wyvern
12. Noland (GUM seat ceded at the end of the meeting)


1. Introduction
2. Update on Diplomabear progress: The Diplomabear (a GUM project wherein a stuffed animal is sent on a tour of the MicroWiki nations) has yet to reach its first destination, Uberstadt.
3. Democracy Index: Opponents express concerns that a “democracy” index would show GUM favoritism towards nations that use a democratic form of government (whereas many nations have less democratically operated governance). Suggestions for a less strictly defined “Freedom” index made; no vote taken.
4. Twitter Account discussion: Brief debate; concerns raised that a Twitter account would be of limited utility given the lack of MicroWiki nations in the Twitter sphere. Motion successfully put “that a Twitter account be created and managed by the Media Secretary, in order to publish updates from the organisation and connect with the existing users of Twitter”.
5. AOB and Questions to the Chair: Motion requested that any delegate may take the floor at any time (regardless of what nation they represent or how many delegates each nation has) with the consent of Quorum. Concerns raised that nations with smaller delegations would be drowned out; questions of constitutionality also raised with regards the definition of “observer delegates” and their rights to speak in Quorum, which was resolved with the passage of a resolution “to define the ”observer delegates” as non-voting delegates from the member-nations who may not speak or vote in Quorum unless the position of voting delegate is transferred to them in Quorum by the current voting delegate”, resolving the issue. Paravia warned for voting more than once.
6. National reports: The Empire of Austenasia, the Empire of Paravia, the Realms of Valdsland, the Republic of Roseland, the Empire of Adammia, the Republic of Noland, Leylandiistan and Gurvata and the Abeldane Empire gave reports to the Quorum as to the latest news within their nations.
7. Final points: Next Quorum date set for Sunday, the 28th of August, 2016, at 20:00 BST. Quorum was then adjourned.

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