Quorum: 25/09/16

This was the first Quorum chaired by Duke Bradley of Dullahan (Wyvern) since his appointment as Vice-Chair.

Present (listed in order of declaration of presence, with Vice-Chair’s nation listed first):

1. Wyvern
2. Abelden
3. Paravia
4. Beacon City
5. Roseland
6. Lundenwic
7. Mercia
8. Koss
9. Breckland


1. Welcome
2. Update on Diplomabear:
The King of Uberstadt was not present to update the Quorum on the subject of Diplomabear, but Quorum has been prior informed of the receipt of Diplomabear by the government of Uberstadt.
3. Update on Micronationalism Guides: The King of Uberstadt was not present to update Quorum as far as the constitution guide currently under production. The Chief Minister of Beacon City advised Quorum as to the progress of the legislation guide currently being produced by him.
4. Work of the Statistics Secretary: The Statistics Secretary was not present.
5. Workgroups: A debate was had on the subject of “workgroups”, in response to a discussion regarding the revival of the GUM Security Council. It was suggested that workgroups, small groups focused on specific aspects of GUM policy and directly accountable to Quorum, be established. A motion will be brought next session.
6. National Reports: The Abeldane Empire, the Empire of Paravia, Breckland, Zealandia (report provided by the Vice-Chair) and Koss gave reports this Quorum.
7. AOB: In response to an apparent request, the Media Secretary advised Quorum as to the analytics of the GUM News website.
Subsequently, a motion was brought that “the GUM hold one Quorum once a month in a time that is both conducive to the AEST/AEDT timezones and the BST/GMT timezones to facilitate more potential participation from micronations in the Australasian and south East Asia regions”. Rejected by Quorum on grounds of logistical concerns and lack of demand.
Subsequently, a suggestion that votes in Quorum be given separately – i.e., that delegations voting “Support” all vote at once, followed by “Oppose”, and so on – was brought, but withdrawn amid concerns that it would be a waste of time.
8. Final points: Quorum was closed. No date was set for the next session.

Quorum: 16/09/2016

This meeting was Emperor Jonathan I’s (Austenasia) first meeting as Acting Chair since Mr. O Cathail’s resignation.

Present (listed in order of declaration of presence, with Chair’s nation listed first):

1. Austenasia (with Emperor Jonathan as Acting Chair)
2. Koss
3. Abelden
4. Lundenwic
5. Mercia
6. Skovaji
7. Adammia
8. Paravia
9. Zenrax
10. Beacon City


1. Introduction
2. Motion to accept the Kingdom of Shorewell as an observer member: Concerns were such that it was felt a motion to accept them as a full member would not pass. As such, the motion put by the Chair was “that the Kingdom of Shorewell be admitted as an observer of the Grand Unified Micronational”. Despite concerns being maintained, Shorewell was finally successful in attaining observer membership.
3. Update on Diplomabear: Diplomabear has been issued, but receipt of Diplomabear in Uberstadt has not yet been confirmed.
4. Debate regarding resignations of Chairs and Vice Chairs, as well as the rights of provisional members: Amendments to the Charter were proposed by the Chair that would:
a) Give the Chair and Vice Chair the ability to resign. If the Chair resigns, the Vice Chair becomes Acting Chair until a new Chair is elected;
b) Prevent provisional members from voting on motions in Quorum, but otherwise entitle them to take part in all other deliberative functions of Quorum.
A motion to create a vote for the measures to be implemented was passed by Quorum, and the vote is currently taking place.
5. Questions to the Acting Chair
6. National Reports: The Abeldane Empire and the Empire of Austenasia gave National Reports in this session.
7. Final points: The Quorum was closed. Subsequently, the date for the next Quorum was set for Sunday, the 24th of September, 2016, at 20:00 BST.

The Chair of the GUM on the observer membership of the Empire of Førvania and the Republic of Litvania

A statement from the Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational regarding the present status of the observer membership of the Empire of Førvania and the Republic of Litvania:

“The delegations from the Empire of Førvania and the Republic of Litvania were obliged by the terms of the Charter to renew their observer member before Sunday 4th September by corresponding with me, indicating their desire to continue their observer membership. The section of the Charter concerned is Article IV.I.f, which states:

f. Observer states shall comprise those states that wish to observe the function of the GUM but not be considered beholden to the Charter or take part in the legislative process. They do not enjoy the rights or need to fulfil the duties of member states of the GUM, except for the following:

    i. They must renew their observership status in the GUM every three months by sending correspondence to the Chair from their respective foreign office expressing their intention to continue to observe the GUM;
    ii. They can observe sessions of Quorum and may send messages to Quorum with the approval of the Chair;
    iii. They can take part in the GUM Lounge with all of the rights of full member states.

As they failed to correspond with me before 4th September, thus failing to indicate a desire to continue observer membership, their observer member ship has been terminated. I would like to remind all the observer members of the GUM to correspond with me before their membership is due to expire.

~ Fionnbarra Ó Cathail

Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational”