Quorum: 16/09/2016

This meeting was Emperor Jonathan I’s (Austenasia) first meeting as Acting Chair since Mr. O Cathail’s resignation.

Present (listed in order of declaration of presence, with Chair’s nation listed first):

1. Austenasia (with Emperor Jonathan as Acting Chair)
2. Koss
3. Abelden
4. Lundenwic
5. Mercia
6. Skovaji
7. Adammia
8. Paravia
9. Zenrax
10. Beacon City


1. Introduction
2. Motion to accept the Kingdom of Shorewell as an observer member: Concerns were such that it was felt a motion to accept them as a full member would not pass. As such, the motion put by the Chair was “that the Kingdom of Shorewell be admitted as an observer of the Grand Unified Micronational”. Despite concerns being maintained, Shorewell was finally successful in attaining observer membership.
3. Update on Diplomabear: Diplomabear has been issued, but receipt of Diplomabear in Uberstadt has not yet been confirmed.
4. Debate regarding resignations of Chairs and Vice Chairs, as well as the rights of provisional members: Amendments to the Charter were proposed by the Chair that would:
a) Give the Chair and Vice Chair the ability to resign. If the Chair resigns, the Vice Chair becomes Acting Chair until a new Chair is elected;
b) Prevent provisional members from voting on motions in Quorum, but otherwise entitle them to take part in all other deliberative functions of Quorum.
A motion to create a vote for the measures to be implemented was passed by Quorum, and the vote is currently taking place.
5. Questions to the Acting Chair
6. National Reports: The Abeldane Empire and the Empire of Austenasia gave National Reports in this session.
7. Final points: The Quorum was closed. Subsequently, the date for the next Quorum was set for Sunday, the 24th of September, 2016, at 20:00 BST.

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