Quorum: 2/10/16

Present (listed in order of declaration of presence, with Vice-Chair’s nation listed first):

1. Austenasia (Chair Emperor Jonathan I)
2. Abelden
3. Uberstadt
4. Roseland
5. Adammia
6. Koss
7. Beacon City
8. Lundenwic
9. Paravia


1. Welcome
2. Vote on Loquntia’s membership application:
The application was passed successfully.
3. Update on Diplomabear: Diplomabear arrived in the Uberstadti consulate in Bellingham, Washington on the 23rd of September. The tour continues, though there was concern over how long the bear was allowed to stay in any one place. It was generally held that a week would be insufficient time to take the bear on tour, and a motion to enable nations to retain Diplomabear for longer and to give the Chair the authority to make amendment to the Diplomabear rota was passed.
4. Update on Micronationalism Guides: The situation remains as it was at previous session of Quorum.
5. Update on the work of the Statistics Secretary: The first batch of national statistics will be published shortly.
6. National Reports: Abelden, Uberstadt, and the Empire of Austenasia gave reports to Quorum.
7. AOB: The Republic of Vaarstead’s observer membership expires on the 3rd of October, 2016. A suggestion that certificates of membership in .pdf format be given to all members was floated, but no action was taken.
8. Final Points: Quorum was closed, and the date of the next session set for the 9th of October, 2016, at 20:00 BST.

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