Quorums: 9/10/16 – 27/11/16

Quorum of the 9th October, 2016

Nations present (in order of declaration of attendance, with Chair’s nation listed first)
1. Austenasia (with Chair Jonathan I)
2. Adammia
3. Beacon City
4. Lundenwic
5. Wyvern
6. Paravia
7. Mcarthia
8. Mercia
9. Roseland
10. Reyla

2. Loquntian full membership question:
Loquntia had not been a provisional member of the GUM for two weeks before attaining full membership, against the Charter. A ruling of the Supreme Justice concurred that “quorum was mistaken on allowing them in off the bat as full members, and that that vote should be considered to represent an admission as provisional members, pending their approval or otherwise as full members at the next quorum session”. A motion annulling their full membership and announcing that a subsequent vote would be held next session was moved and passed.
3. Shorewell membership application: Motion was passed, Shorewell became a provisional member of the organization.
4. Motion to suspend Mcarthia for 14 days: It was maintained that Mcarthia had failed to advise the Quorum of Delegates as to the continuation of their existence for a period of forty-five days, and as a result being in breach of the Charter. It was moved that Mcarthia be suspended for fourteen days as a result, a motion that subsequently failed.
5. Update on Diplomabear rota: Leylandiistan and Gurvata’s dissolution removed them from the rota. It was stated it would pass from Wyvern to Valdsland directly instead of through the former country.
6. Update on micronationalism guides: The word count for the legislation micronationalism guide was increased to 3980 words.
7. Membership certificates: It was regretted that little enthusiasm for the idea existed. Members were advised they were able to design certificates if they so wished and such designs could be considered by Quorum at a later time.
8. Ideas for further projects: It was suggested that a survey type system for determining opinion polls related to the GUM might be a pertinent idea. Further discussion was to take place at a later time.
9. National Reports: Abelden, Mcarthia, Austenasia, Adammia, Skovaji, and Lundenwic gave National Reports this session.
10. Session closed: The time and date for the next session was set for the 15th of October, 2016, at 21:00 BST. Continue reading “Quorums: 9/10/16 – 27/11/16”