Quorum: 4/12/16

Nations present (listed in order of declaration of attendance, with Chair’s nation listed first)

1. Austenasia (with Chair Jonathan I)
2. Paravia
3. Edenopolis
4. Campinia
5. Adammia
6. Wyvern
7. Shorewell
8. Coria
9. Mcarthia

1. Welcome
2. Provisional membership of Coria:
Quorum passed a motion granting provisional membership to Coria, who sat in as a provisional member for the remainder of the session.
3. Update on Chair election: Nominations for the position of Chair open today. They will then close on the 11th of December, and elections will open on the 18th.
4. Update on Diplomabear: Nedland is producing a passport for the Bear and will be sending him on to the next destination shortly.
5. Full membership of Campinia: Quorum voted to retain Campinia as a provisional member. A vote on their full membership will be held again at the next session.
6. Antarctic micronationalism: A brief discussion on whether the GUM should take a stance on Antarctic micronationalism was held, no vote or motion was humored.
7. Update on news website: The Press Secretary updated Quorum that the news website has been brought up to date.
8. Update on micronationalism guides: No updates were had. It was commented that with the university term coming to a close, there would be more time to devote to the project.
9. Update from Statistics Secretary:
The main statistical survey will be released in the coming days.
10. National Reports: Campinia, Shorewell and Austenasia gave national reports this session.
11. Session closed: No date and time for meeting next was set at the end of Quorum. Subsequent to Quorum, date and time was set for Saturday the 10th of December, 2016, at 20:00 UTC.

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