Quorum: 14/1/17

Nations present (in order of declaration of attendance with Chair’s nation listed first):

1. Uberstadt (with Chair King Adam I)
2. Shorewell
3. Abelden
4. Campinia
5. Wyvern
6. Adammia
7. Zealandia
8. Wings
9. Coria
10. Danube
11. Paravia

12. Zenrax
13. Mcarthia

1. Welcome
2. Membership applications – Nemkhav Federation (full), Farrar Republic (full), Nossia (full), Sandus (observer): The Nemkhav Federation’s application was accepted. The Farrar Republic’s application was denied. Nossia’s application was denied. Sandus’ application was denied.
3. Secretary of Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law: Remotioned after original motion was vetoed by Supreme Justice and Chair for unconstitutionality. Includes the provisions of the Shorewellese delegate’s peace envoy plan. The new motion was confirmed as being constitutional and was passed by Quorum.
4. Succession of the chairmanship: A motion that “every Vice Chair shall remain in office after an election until the confirmation of their successor” was passed by Quorum. The Shorewellese delegate was reprimanded for falling out of order twice during the session.
5. Discussion on Quorum in the absence of Chair and Vice-Chair: It was brought up that on a number of occasions Quorums have been unable to take place in the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair. Concerns were raised that holding a Quorum without either person would be unconstitutional; matter deferred for more long-term discussion.
6. Diplomabear update: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nedland has confirmed that the bear has been sent to Koss. No tracking number has been received as yet, so Quorum cannot be updated on its progress.
7. Micronationalism guides: No updates were had in meeting; however, progress is reportedly being made. The guides will be released for Quorum review soon.
8. Update on Micronational Relations Diagram: No updates were had.
9. Update on the work of the Statistics Secretary: The statistical survey has now been up for five weeks. The Secretary intends to chase up nations who have yet to fill it out and then close the survey.
10. Questions to the Chair: A question on the country codes system was posed:
“The country codes section of the GUM is I feel in need of expansion. The forum thread ‘trigrams’ shows that a lot of nations wish to have a recognised trigram, but as of yet there is nobody to formalise these codes. Would the Chair accept the contributions of other delegates to the country codes section in order to expand it? Failing that, would he himself work to expand it?”
The statute authorising this project gave the Chair oversight over its update; however, other delegates are reportedly to be able to aid in its being updated.
11. National Reports: Abelden, Paravia, the Danube and Zealandia gave national reports this session.
12. Appointment of the Secretary of Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law: Kit McCarthy was confirmed as GUM Secretary of Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law at 21:42 UTC.
13. Appointment of SCRIL Peace Envoy: A vote was had on appointing Hafiz Sab Bilal Irfan as a peace envoy subordinate to the SCRIL. The vote initially passed, but having not been passed in a legal fashion, was void.
14. Amendment to SCRIL motion: Error in the SCRIL motion meant there was no legal provision for additional staff members. This was rectified by a successful Quorum vote amending the original motion.
15. Appointment of SCRIL Peace Envoy: It was maintained that since the vote for the SCRIL Peace Envoy had not taken place in motion form, it was void. The Chair concurred. A subsequent motion to appoint the Hafiz Sab Irfan as a Peace Envoy was defeated.
15a. Suspension of Shorewellese delegation: For continued violation of GUM decorum, the Shorewellese delegation was suspended from service of Quorum. They will not be allowed to attend the next session of Quorum.
16. Session closed: No date or time was set for the next session of Quorum.

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