Quorum: 22/1/17

Nations present (in order of declaration of attendance with Chair’s nation listed first)

1. Zenrax (with Vice-Chair Emperor Thomas)
2. Mcarthia
3. Coria
4. Edenopolis
5. Wings
6. Campinia
7. Austenasia
8. Breckland
9. Paravia
10. Abelden
11. Lundenwic
12. Eniarku
13. Nemkhavia
14. Wyvern
15. Zealandia
16. Mercia
17. Koss

1. Welcome
2. Membership applications (the Danube, Nedland, the Herbatrean Federation and Novapara):
Quorum voted to retain the Danube’s provisional membership on the GUM talk page.
Nedland’s application for full membership was rejected.
Discussion on Herbatrea’s membership was deferred to the next session for want of information.
Novapara’s application for observer membership was approved.
3. Peace Envoy appointments: Six applicants (HL Richard I (Mercia), Emperor Jonathan I (Austenasia), King Horatio Eden (Edenopolis), Emperor Stephen I & II (Abelden), President Twain (Wings) and Emperor Patrick I (Paravia)) applied for a position as a Peace Envoy subordinate to the Secretary of Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law. All six were approved by one motion.
4. Project updates: The President of Mcarthia updated Quorum on the SCRIL. A public consultation is presently underway; additionally, research into a potential intermicronational legal qualification is being done.
5. Complaint procedure: A motion:

that there shall be a procedure for the resolution of formal complaints to and regarding the GUM.
-The Chair is responsible in the first instance for the handling of formal complaints to the Grand Unified Micronational.
– Formal complaints must be clearly and unambiguously presented as such, and contain as full as possible descriptions of the matters from which the complaints arise.
–The Chair is obliged to inform the Vice-Chair, Supreme Judge, and Quorum every time he or she receives a formal complaint, unless they can be resolved immediately.
-There shall be no restrictions on who may submit a complaint.
-If complaints cannot be satisfactorily resolved by the Chair in a period of fourteen days, they shall be passed to Quorum for resolution.
–Quorum may take further action as they see fit.
-Anyone submitting a formal complaint may enjoy the following rights:
–The right to remain anonymous;
–The right to be free from prosecution as a result of submitting their complaint;
–The right to have their complaint dealt with in an appropriate manner as specified by statute;
–The right to be informed of the status of their complaint;
–The right to be provided with a full explanation by a senior officer of the organisation if it is not possible to resolve a complaint;
–The right to an effective remedy for a violation of these rights.

was passed by Quorum.
6. National Reports: Abelden, Campinia, Mercia, Austenasia, Mcarthia, Koss, Zenrax, Zealandia, Nemkhavia and Paravia gave National Reports this session.
7. Skovaji membership: Concerns were raised about the continued membership of Skovaji; specifically the fact that their delegate has been beyond contact for three months. No vote or motion was taken.

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