Statement from the Chair: Wrythe Convention

On Saturday the 15th of September, I was pleased to officially sign the Wrythe Convention on the Prevention and Denouncing of Falsehoods on behalf of the Grand Unified Micronational in my capacity as Chair, as authorised by the Quorum the week prior.

I offer my thanks to Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia for drafting this much-needed agreement. In an era of fake news, it has been easier than ever for less scrupulous micronations to make misleading or outright fabricated claims about themselves.

The agreement calls on its signatories to refrain from entering into relations with micronations which make false claims. We hope that the threat of ostracism from the micronational community will discourage micronations from being deliberately misleading.

As Chair of the GUM, I would like to commend this Convention, and I urge micronations both inside and outside the organisation to sign it. There has already been a huge amount of interest from the wider community which we are very happy to see, with “big name” micronations such as Flandrensis and Westarctica adding their signatures.

Let this be a message to all micronations which knowingly lie about the extent of their achievements. The executive of the GUM will not support membership applications from nations that mislead. We will, however, be forgiving of those micronations that realise the error of their ways and drop their spurious claims.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I of Adammia
Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational


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