Statement from the Chair: Transition to Discord has begun

Earlier today, I opened the official GUM Discord server. The sixth amendment to the GUM Charter has passed, which means Discord will now replace Skype as the official venue of the Grand Unified Micronational.

We expect all delegates to join the new Discord server as soon as possible. Any member states who do not have any delegates in the Discord server by New Year’s Day will have motions of expulsion tabled against them.

A link to the Discord server can be found here. If any delegations need assistance in setting up Discord accounts, please let a member of staff know.

We welcome any micronations who are active on Discord to apply to join the GUM, as a full or observer state, through the link here.

-His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I
Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational

Quorum, 11th November 2018

Empire of Adammia (Chair)
Kingdom of Jupiter (Vice-Chair)
Republic of Iustus
Empire of New Providence
Principality of Squamily and Friends (POSAF)

Quorum entered into session at 21:02 UTC.

Full membership confirmations
Tsardom of Nolland, United Kingdoms of Millania and New Granada, Empire of New Providence
The Chair apologised that these confirmation votes had not been conducted on the talk page in the usual manner. The Chair proposed that the Quorum vote on all three nations simultaneously. The Quorum divided:
Support: 5
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 0
The Tsardom of Nolland, the United Kingdoms of Millania and New Granada, and the Empire of New Providence were confirmed as full member states.

Membership applications
State of Gradonia
The Quorum divided:
Support: 6
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 0
The State of Gradonia was accepted as an observer state.

GCP Accords – Article I
The delegate for New Providence introduced the proposal. The Quorum discussed various micronational communities beyond MicroWiki. The delegate for POSAF suggested that the vote be placed on the GUM talk page in order to allow for delegations to vote, and the Chair moved the motion accordingly. The Quorum divided:
Support: 6
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 0
The motion has been placed at Talk:GUM.

Constitutional amendment
The Chair introduced the amendment which would move the GUM from Skype to Discord. Several delegates agreed that such a move was long overdue. The Chair moved to place the vote on the GUM talk page. The Quorum divided:
Support: 6
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 0
The motion has been placed at Talk:GUM.

Executive reports
Renovation of the GUM News site and membership application form
The Chair reported that he had renovated the GUM News site by decluttering the sidebar, adding an About page as well as new links, and introducing a new membership application form which would replace the GUM/Ratifications page.

Questions to the Chair
The Vice-Chair asked what the risks were of moving to Discord. The Chair stated that some member states may be left behind in the transition, but that this would be negated by the fact that the organisation is currently growing. The Chair further stated that he intended to move to expel any member states which had not completed the transition within a month of the constitutional amendment passing.

Any Other Business
The Chair stated that he would shortly be announcing the timetable for the December 2018 election, and that he would be running for re-election as Chair.

Next Quorum
The next Quorum will likely take place on the 1st or 2nd of December, and will likely be the first Quorum to take place on Discord.

The Quorum was adjourned at 21:47 UTC.