Announcement of the GUM Birmingham Summit 2019

We are pleased to announce that the Grand Unified Micronational will be hosting the first major UK-based micronational summit since Polination 2012 this summer, at the University of Birmingham, in collaboration with the Adammic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We would like to invite all micronationalists, or anyone with an interest in micronations, from anywhere in the UK, across Europe or even the world, to join us in Birmingham this June. The city is well connected by Birmingham International Airport and Birmingham New Street train station. You don’t have to represent a GUM member state in order to attend!

To register your interest, just fill out this form here. This information will allow us to choose a date which works for the most people. Once we have confirmed the final date and venue, we will email you a sign-up confirmation sheet – we hope to do this by the end of March.

-His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I of Adammia
Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational

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