Quorum, 10th March 2019

Empire of Adammia (Chair)
Kingdom of Jupiter (Vice-Chair)
Amissopian Federation (Supreme Judge)
Commonwealth of Wenonah
Kingdom of Atovia
Aarianian Union of North America
Aspen Empire
Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall
Principality of Posaf
Commonwealth of Essexia
Federated States of Transterra
Empire of Iustus
Republic of New Westphalia
Kingdom of Wyvern
Commonwealth of Uskor
Republic of New Rizalia
Kingdom of Ikonia
Empire of Austenasia
Republic of Quebec
Republic of Kaion (provisional)

Quorum entered into session at 21:00 UTC.

Membership applications

The Chair that he had dismissed a number of applications on the following grounds:
-Principality of Duke: Already rejected by Quorum several times
-Bailium Empire: Did not provide a link to a MW page or a website
-Republic of Cristellia: Appears to have dissolved since applying
-Gangsta Republic: Led by noted troll Trace Fleeman, since banned from MW
-Marliaden: Led by “Living Chicken”, also banned from MW
-Misberia: Status uncertain following split from Aspen, no up-to-date information is available
-Empire Huai Siao: Appears to have very poor English communication skills
-Republic of Cloverzem: Led by individuals with a recent history of drama
-Empire of Houlameir: Already rejected by Quorum on several occasions
-Principality of Gapla: Appears undeveloped and refers to itself as a “cybernation”

There were no objections to these dismissals. The delegate for Posaf asked about the status of Misberia following its recent split from Aspen. The delegate for Aspen offered a brief explanation. The delegate for Essexia asked about the historical drama surrounding Cloverzem. The Chair and the Supreme Judge offered brief explanations.

Confederal Constitutional Republic of Raritania (Full)
The Quorum divided:
Support: 2
Oppose: 7
Abstain: 8
The application was rejected. The Chair moved to instead offer observership status to Raritania. The Quorum divided:
Support: 11
Oppose: 1
Abstain: 3
Raritania will be offered observership status.

Republic of Kaion (Full, upgrade from observer)
The Quorum divided:
Support: 10
Oppose: 1
Abstain: 4
The Republic of Kaion was upgraded from an observer state to a provisional member state of the Grand Unified Micronational.

Constitutional amendment: Supreme Court
The Associate Justice the delegate for Wyvern proposed the amendment and answered questions as to its nature. The Chair stated that the vote would be placed on the talk page after the Quorum adjourned.

Debate: Future of the GUM public lobby
The delegate for Essexia raised general concerns about the direction of the GUM and its engagement with the wider micronational community, suggesting that re-opening and expanding the public lobby would be a good step in remedying this. The delegates for Austenasia and Iustus expressed skepticism at Essexia’s comments. The delegate for Hrafnarfjall proposed re-opening the lobby with a new set of dedicated moderators. A general consensus was reached that membership of the lobby, if it were to be re-opened, would be more tightly-controlled, only open to prospective applicants to the organisation; those who did not apply after two weeks would be kicked. The Chair asked the delegate for Posaf, in his capacity as Outreach Officer, to come up with a list of new rules for the lobby and to assemble a team of moderators.

Debate: The Arkovian Problem
The Chair provided some background as to the recent drama involving Arkovia. Delegates broadly agreed that Arkovia was proving to be a very negative influence on micronationalism, but there was less consensus on a course of action. The Chair proposed that a general condemnation of Arkovia and a warning to other micronationalists be issued, backed by screenshot evidence of Arkovia’s misdemeanours. The delegates for Aariania and Essexia expressed concern that issuing a condemnation of Arkovia would rally its supporters against the GUM and the MicroWiki community in general, potentially causing more trouble. The Supreme Judge and the delegates for Uskor and Hrafnarfjall argued that the organisation should be bold and had little to fear from potentially antagonising Arkovia; the Chair argued that a condemnation would show that the GUM is active in intermicronational affairs and is not afraid to tackle difficult issues, thus dispelling criticism that the GUM is pointless.

Motion 1: [REDACTED]

Motion 2: The Chair moved that the Grand Unified Micronational publicly condemns the nation of Arkovia and warns all micronationalists against engaging with it, on the grounds that Arkovia uses the Project Nations discord server as a honeypot to manipulate new micronations into merging with them; and further on grounds of their consistent undiplomatic and inappropriate behaviour. The Quorum divided:
Support: 7
Oppose: 3
Abstain: 0
The motion was carried.

Executive proclamations
Kingdom of Dragos
The Chair recognised the dissolution of the Kingdom of Dragos and the cessation of its observership of the organisation.
Objections should be raised before the next session.

Questions to the Chair
The delegate for Kaion asked whether the Chair had the power to call emergency sessions of Quorum. The Chair confirmed that this was the case.

The delegate for Essexia asked why the Quorum does not use voice calls. The Chair stated that not all delegates own microphones, and that not all delegates feel comfortable using voice calls.

Any Other Business
The Chair delivered to the Quorum the report from the Supreme Court confirming that it was constitutional to expel Mekniy, Mathenia and Flammancia on the grounds of inactivity.

The delegate for Uskor stated that the funeral of the late Uskorian Mouser-General would be held on Saturday the 16th of March. The Chair and other delegates offered condolences.

Next Quorum
The Chair stated that the next session of Quorum would likely take place on the 7th of April.

The Quorum adjourned at 00:02 UTC on the 11th of March.

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