Quorum, 19th May 2019

Empire of Adammia (Chair)
Amissopian Federation (Supreme Judge)
Republic of Slavistonia
Aspen Empire
State of Gradonia
Kingdom of Ikonia
Kingdom of Atovia
Aarianian Union of North America
Commonwealth of Essexia
Commonwealth of Uskor
Republic of New Rizalia
Empire of Austenasia
Principality of New Eiffel
Kingdom of Quebec
Union of Mercia and Lurk
Sovereign San Doverian Order
Principality of Posaf
Empire of Iustus
Union of Millania and New Granada

Voting in absentia:
Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall

Quorum entered into session at 20:00 UTC.

Full membership confirmations
Kingdom of Baustralia
The Quorum divided:
Support: 1
Oppose: 8
Abstain: 5
Full membership was rejected. The Chair moved to expel Baustralia from the organisation. The Quorum divided:
Support: 8
Oppose: 3
Abstain: 4
The Kingdom of Baustralia was expelled from the Grand Unified Micronational.

Principality of New Eiffel
The Quorum divided:
Support: 8
Oppose: 1
Abstain: 1
The Principality of New Eiffel was confirmed as a full member state.

Soveriegn San Doverian Order
The Quorum divided:
Support: 7
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 0
The Sovereign San Doverian Order was confirmed as a full member state.

Membership applications
Applications were dismissed by the Chair on the following grounds:
Gapla – Recently rejected by the Quorum
Roscommon, Epistimia – Land claims contrary to the Wrythe Convention
Arkovia – Presently subject to GUM condemnation
Raven Initiative, Lauria, Kingdom of Jupiter – Failed to provide information
Raritania – Already offered observership in March, failed to establish contact
Chuntaro Clan, Wegmat, Pennsylvania – Poor level of development
Jacques Du Point – Individual, not representing a nation
There were no objections to these dismissals.

(N.b. it has since been brought to the attention of the administration that the applications made in the names of Arkovia and Lauria were not made by authorised representatives of those nations.)

Empire of Ponderosa Hills (full)
The Quorum divided:
Support: 6
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 1
The Empire of Ponderosa Hills was accepted as a provisional member state.

Kingdom of Vryland (full)
The Quorum divided:
Support: 7
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 0
The Kingdom of Vryland was accepted as a provisional member state.

Henristan (full)
The Quorum divided:
Support: 0
Oppose: 4
Abstain: 3
The application was rejected.

Empire of Lehmark (observer)
The Quorum divided:
Support: 5
Oppose: 1
Abstain: 2
The Empire of Lehmark was accepted as an observer state.

Motion on the future of the GUM lobby
The Chair moved the motion on behalf of the delegate for Posaf, as follows:
1. The GUM shall maintain a public lobby, which may be used by delegates and diplomatic staff of the organisation, as well as representatives of nations with a pending membership application, and nations which may be interested in applying for membership in the near future. It is not for representatives of nations which have been conclusively rejected by the GUM, or nations which have no business with the GUM.
2. The public lobby shall be governed according to the rules set out by the Outreach Officer, Mr. Nicholas Randouler.
3. The Outreach Officer shall have full oversight over the moderation of the public lobby, enforcing the rules and removing individuals who should not be present. The Outreach Officer shall be assisted in this task by the Chair, the Vice Chair, and any number of Moderators which the Outreach Officer may choose to appoint, with the approval of the Quorum.
4. The delegate for Hrafnarfjall, Thomas I, as nominated by Mr. Randouler, is confirmed as a Moderator for the public lobby.

The Quorum divided:
Support: 7
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 0
The motion was carried.

Motion on the GUM Birmingham Summit
The Chair moved:
That the Chair shall be given the responsibility of organising a summit of micronations, known as the Grand Unified Micronational Birmingham Summit, on the 28th of June 2019 at the University of Birmingham, which shall be open to representatives of all micronations, both members and non-members.

The Quorum divided:
Support: 6
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 0
The motion was carried.

Executive report: Diplomabear
The Chair reported that Diplomabear had completed his tour of Adammia and Wazakhstan, having made visits to Glasgow, Brussels and York. Arrangements were underway to have him sent to the Kingdom of Jupiter.

Delegates considered various alternative options for Diplomabear’s route. It was agreed to send Diplomabear to Iustus instead, and he would be handed over to Jupiter at MicroCon.

Announcement of election timetable
The Chair gave notice that nominations for Chair will open on the 10th of June, that nominations will close on the 17th of June, that voting will open on the 24th of June, and that the next Chair will assume office on the 1st of July.

Questions to the Chair
The delegate for Gradonia asked whether it would be possible to add Gradonia to the list for the Diplomabear tour. The Chair confirmed that this would be fine.

Any Other Business

The delegate for San Dover requested that the Outreach Officer be relinquished of his responsibility for the Greater Community Project and that she be charged with running it. The Chair stated that he did not wish to have two officers with essentially overlapping briefs, and that whilst the delegate for San Dover was welcome to motion in no confidence in the Outreach Officer, it would be much more preferable to work with the Outreach Officer, specifically with regards to the /r/micronations subreddit, stating that attempting to work with the Project Nations community would be futile, reminding that leading Project Nations country Arkovia was presently subject to GUM condemnation. The delegate for San Dover stated that she would re-draft the GCP’s stated goals and that she would seek the removal of the Outreach Officer in the long-term.

Next Quorum
The Chair stated that the next session would provisionally take place on Sunday the 16th of June at 20:00 UTC.

The Quorum adjourned at 22:38 UTC.

Quebec et al. v. Baustralia – Summary

The Supreme Court heard the case filed by the Kingdom of Quebec and the Kingdom of Ikonia against the Kingdom of Baustralia on the 18th of May.

The charges were as follows:

1. Disturbance of the peace
2. Forcing other micronations to join Baustralia
3. Illegal occupation of Kapreburg
4. Defamation of character
5. War, in violation of the GUM Charter
6. Claims on previously-held micronational territory
7. Contempt of court in Quebec

Supreme Judge reached the following decisions:

1. Declined to adjudicate: The Supreme Judge stated that the matter in question related to the rules of MicroWiki and was therefore for the MW Administrators to adjudicate on.
2. Declined to adjudicate: The Supreme Judge stated that there was no evidence that Baustralia had “forced” any nation to join it beyond persistently asking them.
3. Declined to adjudicate: The Supreme Judge ruled that the plaintiffs had not provided sufficient evidence to suggest that Baustralia’s occupation of Kapreburg contravened national or international law, especially considering that the Treaty of Chariotsville tacitly acknowledged Baustralia’s claim over the area.
4. Declined to adjudicate: The Supreme Judge stated that there is no recourse in law for “name-calling”.
5. Declined to adjudicate: The Supreme Judge stated that in all conflicts which were part of the Baustralian Conquest, either Baustralia was justified in defending itself, or Quebec had been complicit in Baustralia’s actions.
6. Declined to adjudicate: The Supreme Judge ruled that Baustralia’s expansion into land held by recently dissolved nations was a political rather than a legal issue.
7. Declined to adjudicate: The Supreme Judge ruled that the case in question was a local, internal matter over which the GUM had no jurisdiction.

The case was therefore dismissed.