Quorum, 25th June 2019

Empire of Adammia (Chair)
Union of Mercia and Lurk
Empire of Iustus
Republic of New Westphalia
Kingdom of Atovia
State of Gradonia
Gymnasium State
Kingdom of Wyvern
Principality of New Eiffel
Aspen Empire
Republic of New Rizalia
Union of Millania and New Granada
Republic of Slavistonia
Principality of Posaf
Commonwealth of Essexia
Empire of Austenasia
Commonwealth of Wenonah
Commonwealth of Uskor
Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg
Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic (provisional)

Quorum entered into session at 20:00 UTC.

Membership applications
Applications were dismissed by the Chair on the following grounds:
Jusin Republic – Does not appear to speak English
Wegmat – Poor development
Baustralia – Recently expelled by the Quorum
5 spam applications
There were no objections to these dismissals

Principality of Montescano (full)
The Quorum divided:
Support: 9
Oppose: 1
Abstain: 7
The Principality of Montescano was accepted as a provisional member state.

Motion: The Edgbaston Convention
The Chair presented the treaty he proposed to sign on behalf of the organisation at the upcoming Birmingham summit. Concerns were raised regarding territories where a majority of residents are not citizens, but may be family members of said citizens. Concerns were also raised regarding territorial claims which were once acceptable but had since become improper due to subsequent macronational developments. The Convention was amended to include exemptions for these scenarios. The Chair motioned that the Quorum authorise him to sign the proposed Edgbaston Convention at the Birmingham Summit on the 28th of June on behalf of the Grand Unified Micronational. The Quorum divided:
Support: 16
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 0
The motion was carried.

Motion: Terms of the Justices
The Chair motioned that the terms of the Supreme Judge and the Associate Justices shall end on the date of the next session of the Quorum of Delegates, at which a new Supreme Judge and Associate Justices shall be appointed, beginning full six-month terms. The Quorum divided:
Support: 12
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 0
The motion was carried.

Questions to the Chair
The delegate for Slavistonia asked when voting for Chair would end. The Chair stated that voting would end at midnight UTC on the 1st of July.

The delagate for Gradonia asked how many representatives were expected to attend the Birmingham Summit on the 28th. The Chair replied that he was expecting representatives from Adammia, Austenasia, New Westphalia, Lundenwic, Essexia and Westarctica.

The delegate for Posaf asked whether there could be a video chat or video message for delegates who were unable to attend the Birmingham Summit. The Chair stated that a video chat would be unfeasible due to technical reasons, but that delegates were welcome to submit videos to be played at the summit.

The delegate for Slavistonia asked whether the Birmingham Summit would be recorded. The Chair stated that some of the summit would be recorded, but not all of it, due to limited battery life.

The delegate for Aspen asked whether any press would be present at the summit. The Chair stated that this was unlikely, as it was the academic holidays, so the student press would have gone home.

Any Other Business
The delegate for Slavistonia stated that a referendum would be taking place within Slavistonia on GUM membership, and that a debate would be taking place in the Slavistonian Discord server the following day on the matter.

Closing speech from the Chair
Rather than announcing the date of the next session of the Quorum, which he stated was for his successor to decide, the Chair issued the following statement:
“Before I adjourn my final Quorum, I just want to say that I am very proud of how far this organisation has come over the past year. When I took office a year ago, the organisation was dying. The organisation now has more members than at any other point in its history and has become relevant in the micronational community again. So thank you all for the past two terms. I look forward to supporting my successor, whoever it may be, and I hope that the GUM will continue to grow and prosper.”

The delegates for New Westphalia, New Eiffel, Slavistonia, Essexia, Wyvern, Iustus and Millania & New Granada offered positive remarks in response to the statement.

The Quorum adjourned at 21:33 UTC.

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