Quorum, 11th august 2019


  • Adammia
  • Amissopia
  • Austenasia
  • Essexia
  • Hrafnarfjall
  • Iustus
  • Mercia-Lurk
  • Montescano
  • Misberia
  • New Eiffel
  • New Rizelia
  • New Westphalia
  • Lundenwic

Membership applications:


  • Austraterra – failure to supply contact details.
  • Wegmat – failure to supply contact details.
  • Somcow – Unprofessional behaviour. 
  • Efrasachin Empire – Unsuitable wikipage, too new to join the GUM.


  • Cavlan – Prospective merger with another member state.

Full membership:

Triumvirate of Sonderan
Motion passes: 7 support, 0 oppose, 0 abstain. 

Motion passes: 5 support, 2 oppose, 2 abstain.

Empire of Kapreburg
Motion fails: 1 support, 8 oppose, 2 abstain.

Kingdom of Misberia
Motion passes: 6 support, 0 oppose, 3 abstain.


Second Kingdom of Tricovinia
Motion fails: 0 support, 6 oppose, 0 abstain.

State of Swivia
Motion fails: 0 support, 5 oppose, 2 abstain.

Motion passes: 5 support, 4 oppose, 0 abstain.

Diplomabear rota

The Vice-Chairman asks if there is any update on Diplomabear from the current host, Iustus. This is not the case. The Vice-Chairman notes that the wiki article needs to be updated. His Royal Majesty the Emperor of Iustus said he would update the wiki article.

GUM Summit

The Events Secretary Mr. Morris gets the floor and announces that he is looking into a possible location for a summit in Ohio, USA. He asked if American members had any ideas what would be the best location. The secretary also announces he will be holding a small meeting in Manchester next month, the date is the 25th and 26th of september. 

Cincinati or Toledo are mentioned as possible locations for an American summit. Another delegate believes that later on regional summits should be held in America, like the American North-East. Montescano announced that itself, Wyvern and Mahuset will be holdign a meeting the 7th of september in the Leiden, the Netherlands.

The Vice-Chair adjourned the Quorum and announced the 25th of August as the next date for the Quorum of Delegates, to be chaired by the Chairman.

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