Quorum, 9th September 2019


  • Aariania
  • Adammia
  • Atovia
  • Austenasia
  • Essexia
  • Gradonia
  • Hrafnarfjall
  • Iustus
  • Jupiter
  • Ledilia (Provisional)
  • Lytera (Provisional)
  • Misberia
  • Montescano
  • New Eiffel
  • Plushunia
  • San Dover
  • Sonderan
  • Wyvern
  • Zenrax

Membership applications:


  • Grand Republic of Leo – Full – Too new for the GUM.
  • Aenopia – Observership – Rejected at last Quorum.
  • Qaflana – Full – Too new for the GUM.
  • State of Malinovia – Full – Too new for the GUM.

Full membership:

Principality of Ledilia
Motion passes: 10 support, 0 oppose and 2 abstain.

Kingdom of Lytera
Motion passes: 8 support, 0 oppose and 2 abstain.


The Despotate of Vlasynia
Motion fails: 0 support, 10 oppose and 2 abstain.

The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis
Motion passes: 10 support, 0 oppose and 1 abstain.

The Somcowian Federation
Motion fails: 0 support, 13 oppose and 1 abstain.

Federal States of Paragotnia
Motion fails:  14 support, 0 oppose and 1 abstain.

Fixed terms of the Associate Justices

Members expressed the need for clarity surrounding Associate Justices being assigned part way through the Sumpreme Justices term. The Chair issued a motion to make the Associate Justices terms match the Supreme Justice’s.

The Chair moves that the six month terms of Associate Justices as defined in the Charter are linked to the term of the Supreme Judge. A newly confirmed Supreme Judge must nominate new Associate Justices. The sitting Associate Justices remain in office as acting-Associate Justices for a maximum period of a month or untill the Supreme Judge can nominate new Associate Justices.

Motion passes: 11 support, 1 oppose and 1 abstain.

Nomination of an Associate Justice

The Supreme Justice announced his nomination for Associate Justice with the approval of the Chair.

The Supreme Justice motions that Quorum confirm Lord Matthew of Essexia as an Associate Justice of the Grand Unified Micronational, effective immediately.

Motion passes: 11 support, 0 oppose and 0 abstain.

Powers of the Chair – The Chair’s right to dismiss staff

The Chair wishes to be given the power to suspend staff before motioning for their dismissal at Quorum. A motion could not be agreed on last Quorum but after some discussion, the Quorum was able to come to a concensus.

The Chair moves that the Chairman can, with the consent of the Vice-Chairman, suspend Secretaries from their post for misconduct, unprofessional behavior, breaching the Charter, inactivity and other acts or behaviors that go against the convention of normal functioning of a secretary. A suspension may last up to two weeks. The Quorum of Delegates shall review the suspension within two weeks of that suspension taking place and vote on wether the Secretary retains his office or is removed from it. A petition of five delegates (who are not a suspended Secretary themselves) can oblige the Chair to organize a special Quorum within 5 days to discuss the suspension.

Motion passes: 9 support, 0 oppose and 0 abstain.

GUM Ambassador nomination

The Chair wishes for the Quorum to accept the Secretary for Diplomacy and Recruitment nomination’s for Ambassador.

The Secretary of Diplomacy and Recruitment wishes to nominate Lord Lewis of Lundenwic for the role of GUM Ambassador.

Motion passes: 8 support, 0 oppose and 2 abstain.

Questions to the Chair

The delegate from Plushunia inquired as to how the negotiations between Wyvern and Sandus have been progressing. The Chair admitted that the State of Sandus has repeatedly denied requests for the GUM to play a mediation role in the negotiations. However, the Supreme Justice is currently mediating between the two nations as a neutral third party.

Executive Proclamation from the Chair on the membership of Ammissopia

The Chair affirms that Ammissopia ceased to exist the 25th of August 2019 and thus is no longer a member of the Grand Unified Micronational as of that date.

Banning of Tony von Sweigart

Members expressed the wish to ban the aforementioned person from repeatedly making applications to join the GUM or serving as a delegation.

The Chair motions that Tony von Sweigart be forbidden from serving as a delegate for any nation in the Grand Unified Micronational for a period of one year, and that applications for membership or observer status made by Mr von Sweigart may be dismissed by the Chairman during this period without the otherwise required notifying of the Quorum.

Motion passes: 7 support, 2 oppose and 1 abstain.

The Chair adjourned the Quorum and announced the 22nd September 19:00 UTC as the next date for the Quorum of Delegates.

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