Quorum, 11th April 2020

Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall (Chair)
Commonwealth of Essexia (Vice-Chair)
Republic of New Rizalia
Republic of Poplar Nerva
Kingdom of Atovia
Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg
Commonwealth of Uskor
Empire of Aenopia
Principality of Posaf
Principality of New Eiffel
Empire of Adammia
Kingdom of Lytera
Tsardom of Nolland
Empire of Austenasia
Kingdom of Ikonia
Union of Nova-Occitania
Principality of Ledilia
Empire of Iustus

The Quorum entered into session at 17:59 UTC.

Speech from the Chair
The Chair commented on the lack of decorum in light of recent events and stated that he would enforce decorum more strictly.

Expulsion of New Westphalia
The delegate for Austenasia asked whether there were any alternative delegates available to represent New Westphalia. The Chair stated that there were none to his knowledge.

The delegates for Posaf, Uberquiesenberg and Atovia also commented.

The Chair moved that Mr. Daniel Morris be expelled as the delegate for New Westphalia. The Quorum divided:
Support: 15
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 0
The motion was carried.

The Chair moved that the Republic of New Westphalia be expelled from the Grand Unified Micronational. The Quorum divided:
Support: 15
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 1
The motion was carried.

Safeguarding and Welfare Officer
The Vice-Chair proposed the creation of an officer of the GUM responsible for safeguarding minors, over 18 years of age and preferably with previous relevant experience. The delegate for Poplar Nova asked what the pre-requisites for becoming the Safeguarding and Welfare Officer would be. The Vice-Chair stated that they would be a trusted member of the community over the age of 18, preferably with relevant experience such as teacher training or proof of DBS checks.

The Chair moved that the Office of Safeguarding and Welfare Officer be established. The Quorum divided:
Support: 13
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 0

The Chair moved that the duties of the SWO be defined as “a trusted, over 18 member of the community, preferably with previous macronational child-safety experience, and their role would be ensuring to the best of their ability the safety of underage members, and dealing with any safeguarding situations that may arise – as well as pointing out red flags and failures in GUM towards protecting minors, and constitutional changes that may be needed to ensure safety.” The Quorum divided:
Support: 11
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 1

Status of Cycoldia
The Chair noted that the Grand Republic of Cycoldia claimed to have “self-suspended” its delegation, and added that Cycoldia had brought the organisation into disrepute due to issues involving the micronational press. The delegate for Uberquiesenberg asked what was meant by bringing the organisation into disrepute. The delegate for Posaf stated that he had received a message from the delegate for Cycoldia regarding a GUM-related issue in the nation of Caudonia, and that she had told a micronational journalist that the GUM would persue legal action against them (which was not correct). The Vice-Chair added that the delegate for Cycoldia did not rule out leaking the Quorum in order to fulfil requests by Cycoldia’s allies to do so.

The delegate for Lytera whether there would still be potential talks between Cycoldia and the nation of Ticronvidia, and whether the organisation would reconsider the previous refusal given to Ticronvidian observership given that many member states may arguably have been swayed by the threat by the delegate for Cycoldia to leave the GUM if they were accepted. The Chair stated that there would be no new vote on Ticronvidia as he had been informed that they were no longer sovereign.

The Vice-Chair asserted that it was not legally possible for a delegation to suspend itself from the organisation, and that any attempt to do so was tantamount to renounciation of the Charter. The delegate for Uberquiesenberg added that in his legal opinion, if Cycoldia had not withdrawn its ratification of the Charter, then it was still a full member state, and it was not clear that Cycoldia had done so.

The Chair moved that the membership of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia be suspended. The Quorum divided:
Support: 9
Oppose: 0
Abstain: 2
The motion was carried.

Questions to the Chair
The delegate for Lytera asked what would happen to Cycoldia if the accusations of them leaking the Quorum were shown to be true. The Chair replied that their suspension would be upheld, pending expulsion.

The delegate for Uberquiesenberg asked how the administration planned to proceed with proposals for a new intermicronational court and new treaties regarding diplomatic procedure. The Chair responded that this was still being considered by the membership, and that the administration did not plan to move further yet.

The Quorum was adjourned at 19:19 UTC.

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