Quorum, 16th May 2020

Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall (Chair)
Commonwealth of Essexia (Vice-Chair)
Kingdom of Gradonia
Directive of Misberia
Gymnasium State
Palatinate of Uberquiesenberg
Empire of Iustus
Empire of Austenasia
Principality of New Eiffel
Federal Republic of Caddia
Principality of Posaf
Principality of Ledilia
Empire of Aenopia
Empire of Adammia
Union of Nova-Occitania
Kingdom of Lytera

The Quorum entered into session at 19:07 UTC.

Questions to the Chair
The delegate for Gradonia what provisions in the proposed convention on treaties would be relevant for micronations. The Chair responded that the intent was to develop a treaty that set out professional standards and guidelines. The delegate for Misberia asked whether this treaty would be handled similarly to the Wrythe Convention and the Edgbaston Convention. The Chair answered in the affirmative.

The delegate for Gradonia asked what specific provisions could be included in the treaty that would be relevant for micronational diplomacy. The Chair responded that this would be discussed between those nations that were interested in the treaty. The delegate for Gradonia asked what the Chair saw as being prospective clauses. The Chair responded that his overall intention with the treaty was to develop a set of guidelines to grow the community and develop a more professional atmosphere. The delegate for Gradonia asked if there were any probably clauses that the Chair would include in the treaty. The Chair responded that there were no solid clauses, hence why he was bringing the topic up for discussion.

Sister Cities
The delegate for Posaf stated that he would be releasing the latest cluster of sister cities the coming week, and that there had been a delay due to elections in Posaf.

There was some discussion on the provisional membership of Ashukovo, and the observerships of Kohlandia and Saspearian.

The delegate for Posaf proposed to overturn the decision by the Chair to dismiss the applications of the Democratic Republic of Benjastan, the People’s Republic of Orientia, and the Republic of Williamsburg. On Orientia, this was seconded by Iustus, Misberia and Aenopia. There was a motion of Orientia which the delegate for Austenasia advised was redundant, and the motion was withdrawn. On Benjastan, this was seconded by Misberia, Gradonia, Aenopia and Adammia. Orientia and Benjastan were returned to the membership voting docket.

Any Other Business
The delegate for Austenasia asked for an update regarding Diplomabear. The Chair stated that he would follow up on this. The delegate for Austenasia asked about the vacancies of the positions of both Events Officer and Safeguarding and Welfare Officer. The Chair stated that he would be putting out a general call for Events Officer, and that he would contact certain delegates privately for the SWO position.

The delegate for Lytera raised the issue of the GUM Micronational Development Initiative. The Chair stated that he asked all delegates to join it, and that he would be speaking with the Micronational Development Secretary regarding the program.

The Quorum was adjourned at 20:40 UTC.

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