Quorum, 18th August 2020


Commonwealth of Essexia (Vice-Chair) 

Grand Duchy of Leonsle

Republic of Nordale

Empire of Paravia 

Principality of New Eiffel 

Kingdom of Wyvern 

Serene Beaconite Republic

Technocratic Republic of Theodia 

Misberian Confederacy 

Republic of Polar Nerva 

Commonwealth of Uskor

Kingdom of Lytera

Principality of Posaf 

Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall

Empire of Austenasia

The Quorum entered into session at 20:00 UTC.

Chair Elections

The Delegate from Hrafnarfjall proposed working with an already established online election system, while the Vice-Chair stated the consensus on maintaining the current system. 

The Vice – Chair moved that the GUM maintains voting for Chair via the Wiki Talk page 

Support – 12

Oppose – 1

Abstain – 0

The motion was carried

Election Commission 

The Delegate for Wyvern argued for the Chair organizing GUM elections, while proposing a Election Commission, to verify the results, which was concurred by the Delegate for Posaf. The Delegate for Hrafnarfjall, and the Vice-Chair proposed that the Supreme Judge lead the Election Commission, while the Delegate for Wyvern opposed the proposal. 

The Vice – Chair moved that following an election, there shall be a commission by the Supreme Judge to review the election 

Support  – 9

Oppose – 0

Abstain – 3 

The motion was carried

Updates from Secretaries

The Secretary for Events and Summits stated that there will be no events planned in real life, citing the pandemic. The Secretary for Statistics updated the Quorum on statistics.

Any Other Business 

The Delegate for Wyvern brought up reforming the Charter, and striving to have the Chair be both the de facto, and de jure Executive of the GUM. The Delegate for Austenasia argued that the Chair is not a “presidential position”. The Delegate for Aenopia proposed GUM Holiday Cards.  

The Quorum was adjourned at 20:43 UTC

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