Quorum, 4 October 2020


Commonwealth of Essexia (Vice-Chair)

Empire of Aenopia

Kingdom of Ikonia

Principality of New Eiffel 

State of Vishwamitra

Technocratic Republic of Theodia 

Commonwealth of New Virginia 

Republic of Polar Nerva

Empire of Adammia

Rednecks Republic

Gymnasium State 

Republic of Yu-Xia

Empire of Iustus

Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall

Republic of Nordale

Serene Beaconite Republic 

Empire of Austenasia 

Despotate of Vlasynia

Unitary State of Swivia 

The Quorum entered into session at 20:00 UTC.

Ban of Ivan Brienovic

The Delegates for Hrafnarfjall, Iustus, and New Virginia argued that the ban on Ivan Brienovic be extended, and made indefinite. Several Delegates noted that Ivan’s behavior which led to the original ban, had not improved. 

The Vice-Chair motioned that Ivan Brienovic’s ban be renewed, with review in six months

Support – 17

Oppose – 0

Abstain – 0

The motion was carried 

The Vice-Chair motioned that Ivan Brienovic’s ban be made indefinite, subject to annual review 

Support – 15

Oppose – 0

Abstain – 2  

The motion was carried 

Discussion on the GUM Post Isolation 

The Delegate for Adammia argued that the GUM should focus more on internal development, rather than acquiring new membership, the Delegate for New Virginia concurred and proposed revising the membership form. 

Announcement of GUM Virtual Summit 

The Secretary for Events and Summits, after conducting a survey argued that specific sections of the summit should be recorded, that the GUM should not enforce a webcam policy, and that the GUM should enforce a microphone policy. The Delegate for Iustus sought clarification on what the microphone policy imposed. 

Any Other Business

The Delegate for New Virginia brought up the Augusta Accord, and called upon member nations to endorse the Accord, the Delegate for Nordale, and New Eiffel concurred. 

The Quorum was adjourned at 21:22 UTC

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