Quorum, 31 October 2020


  • Uber-Essian Union (Chair)
  • Commonwealth of Essexia and Čechsexia (Vice-Chair)
  • Empire of Iustus
  • Commonwealth of New Virginia
  • Gymnasium State
  • State of Vishwamitra
  • Technocratic Republic of Theodia
  • Empire of Aenopia
  • Republic of New Rizalia
  • Nemkhav Federation
  • Republic of Nordale
  • Misberian Confederancy
  • Serene Beaconite Republic
  • Rednecks Republic
  • Empire of Ikonia
  • Crowned Republic of Yu-Xia
  • Empire of Adammia
  • Despotate of Vlasynia
  • Triumvirate of Sonderan

Quarterly Statistical Report

The Chair presented the recently finished quarterly statistical report finished by the Secretariat for Statistics.

Henry Clemens appointment for Lobby Moderator

The Chair proposed that Henry Clemens of the Uber-Essian Union should be appointed for Lobby Moderator. Serene Beaconite Republic, Vishwamitra, and Iustus voiced their support for the motion.

The Chair motioned the nomination of AP112: “That Henry Clemens of the Uber-Essian Union be confirmed as Lobby Moderator”.

  • Support – 14
  • Oppose – 0
  • Abstain – 0

The motion was carried.

GUM Virtual Summit 2020

The Chair proposed to host a virtual summit planned for 7 November 2020 at 5PM UTC by the Events Secretary. Rednecks Republic voiced their plans to have a delegate, but asked what platform that this summit would be hosted on. The Chair answered with Discord. The delegate for Vishwamitra voiced their concern regarding the time of the event, and the delegate for Nordale asked that the date should be changed due to an event planned by Sandus’ governing party at the same time, citing that various other GUM members are planned to speak at the party event. The delegate for Sondera and other delegates also complained that the date was chosen 2 weeks ago.

The Chair compromised by speaking with Sandus regarding the scheduling, making it more convenient for members, but did not choose to move the date of the summit.

The Chair motioned to pass PRO26 “That the Events Secretary shall be given the responsibility of organising a summit of micronations, known as the GUM Virtual Summit 2020, on the 7th of November 2020, starting at 5PM UTC.”

  • Support – 14
  • Oppose – 0
  • Abstain – 0

The motion was carried.

The delegate for Nordale voiced their concern regarding the community and their behavior, urging all of us to reflect on our behavior. Delegates wished the quorum a good Halloween, and the Quorum was adjourned 9:43PM UTC.

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