Quorum, 12 December 2020


  • Uber-Essian Union (Chair)
  • Commonwealth of Essexia and Čechsexia (Vice-Chair)
  • Rednecks Republic
  • Misberian Confederacy
  • Empire of Aenopia
  • Serene Beaconite Republic
  • Gymnasium State
  • Commonwealth of Naveria
  • Republic of Nordale
  • Abeldane Empire
  • Nemkhav Federation
  • Despotate of Vlasynia
  • Empire of Adammia
  • Crowned Republic of Yu-Xia
  • Republic of Poplar Nerva
  • Kingdom of Wyvern
  • Commonwealth of New Virginia
  • Plushunia
  • Empire of Iustus
  • Principality of Posaf
  • Empire of Ikonia
  • Empire of Lytera
  • Empire of Austenasia

Hrafnarfjall Expulsion

The Vice-Chair started off the quorum with the recent events regarding the motion to expel Harfnarfjall, citing their attempt to use the Charter of the GUM to dismiss Leon Montan, the running mate for Jack Dean. The delegate from Nordale, a supporter of the rival Kennedy campaign, stated that Montan was “unable to contribute to this organization” but also hopes that the King of Harfnarfjall “reconsiders his actions and comes to the conclusion that they were misguided so that he may perhaps one day rejoin us as a friend and with his better judgement that we all know he is capable of.”

The delegate of Wyvern stated that he does not support the article used in the incident to dismiss Montan, but supports amending it and bringing Montan back to the GUM. However, the delegate of Wyvern did not support expelling Harfnarfjall for this incident. The delegate from Adammia stated from Bainbridge that it was “misguided” and was caused by sleep fatigue. The delegates from Aenopia and Iustus voiced their support for a motion of expulsion. The delegate from Rednecks Republic abstained.

The Vice-Chair moved a motion to expel the Kingdom of Harfnarfjall from the Grand Unified Micronational.

  • Support – 8
  • Oppose – 2
  • Abstain – 9

The motion was carried.

Leon Montan Clemency

The Vice-Chair next moved a motion granting clemency from both Nicolas Millan and Leon Montan from their suspension to the Grand Unified Micronational. The delegate from Iustus voiced their support.

The Vice-Chair moved a motion to grant Leon Montan clemency and the restoration of his delegacy.

  • Support – 20
  • Oppose – 0
  • Abstain – 0

The motion was carried.

The delegate from Adammia called a point of order, citing that Harfnarfjall is no longer a member of the GUM, leading to the motion being redundant. The delegate of Iustus and delegate of Wyvern agreed.

Nicolas Millan Clemency

The Vice-Chair moved a motion to grant Nicolas Millan clemency and the restoration of his delegacy. The delegate from the Serene Beaconite Republic agreed with the motion.

  • Support – 17
  • Oppose – 1
  • Abstain – 0

The motion was carried.

GUM Code of Conduct

The Vice-Chair moved a motion for a creation of the GUM Code of Conduct, after an recommendation from the Welfare Officer. The Welfare Officer stated:

I would like the Quorum to empower me to undertake consultative research among full member delegates in order to draft an official GUM Code of Conduct. I believe such a code would enshrine, in a more specific sense, the types of behaviours that are acceptable within the organisation, whilst stipulating those that are not. It would be assumed, once an acceptable draft has been submitted and appropriately ratified by the Quorum, that all member delegates must abide by the Code of Conduct or risk expulsion from the GUM. I think such a code would go a long way towards improving the safety and organisational culture of the GUM. It will empower members with the ability to avoid unwanted confrontations, provide transparency around some decision making processes, and clarify how some of the loftier ideals of the GUM charter interplay on a more mundane level.

Queen Cedar

The delegates from Wyvern, Poplar Nerva, Iustus, and others concurred. The delegate of Abelden concurred, but also suggested to adding parts relating to the protection of vulnerable groups in a reformed charter.

The Vice-Chair moved a motion to allow the Welfare Officer to begin the draft of a Code of Conduct for the Grand Unified Micronational that will outline acceptable and unacceptable behaviour within the organization.

  • Support – 21
  • Oppose – 0
  • Abstain – 0

The motion was carried.

New Charter

The Chair proposed an resolution forming a commission to draft a new GUM Charter, citing that the current charter is out of date considering the present size of the GUM. The delegate from Wyvern, Poplar Nerva, Abelden, and others supported the motion.

The Vice-Chair moved to pass motion PR026, “That a commission, open to all full member states, be created to draft a new GUM Charter. The commission shall be chaired by the Chair of the GUM, with the Vice-Chair sitting as a permanent member and fulfilling the duties of the Chair in their absence. The Supreme Justice and Clerk of the Supreme Court also sit as permanent members. Any delegate may request to join the commission. Any decisions made by the commission must be completed Democratically, though only one delegate per member-state may vote on a commission motion. Any rulings of the commission may be vetoed by agreement of the Chair and Supreme Justice.”

  • Support – 16
  • Oppose – 0
  • Abstain – 2

The motion was carried.

Succeeding Chair Statements

The Vice-Chair allotted some time to allow the candidates for the next GUM Chair to make some statements.

Jack Dean

Our campaign mostly focuses on a few key things: Reforming the systems that are already in place, catering to the Asian and other micronations outside of the UK and USA, and cracking down on corruption and nepotism, to name a few things. The Dean Montan 2020 campaign is one that aims to make the GUM a better place, in short.
Not only this, but we aim to unify the GUM through an increase in engagement between staff and member states, as well as a number of fun projects such as establishing a GUM minecraft server and working closer with the Wincott Cup.
Finally, another area we’re focusing on is closer relations between micronations through reforming some of the staff roles and providing more resources such as the GUM guides, as well as cooperating with the Cupertino Alliance to bring the micronational community together.

But my campaign isn’t all about our focuses – as for me, I’ve been in micronationalism for around 3 years now, and I’ve met some brilliant people to say the least. I’ve been fundamental in the successes of both Essexia and Poplar Nerva, and have always been committed to engaging in the GUM. I also have good experience with MicroWiki, having written the majority of articles in the Poplar Nerva and Essexia categories, as well as working with some smaller micronations on improving their own articles. Basically, I’m committed and have enough experience to know what I’m doing as Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational.

These are just a few of our focuses, but all of our pledges can be found in our manifesto at https://www.dean2020.com/. Thank you all for listening, and I hope I can convince you to vote Dean Montan and Make Things Better!

Jack Dean

Joey Kennedy

Joey Kennedy was absent and was represented by Archie Birch.

Rotating Quorums
The GUM is composed of nations from all over the world, and yet often it is complained that its schedule seeks to only serve one or two time zones! Our organization is not a geographically confined one, so our meeting times should not be either. Luckily, this is not too hard to fix. Firstly, a Kennedy-Birch Administration would introduce rotating Quorum times, alternating between certain times that nations would be able to attend. Secondly, when considering issues of great importance, nations from all the time zones should be given the opportunity to make their voices heard and debate the issues so that the democratic aspect of the GUM is not limited to any one region.

Secretariat of Eastern Hemisphere Affairs
The establishment of a (tentatively-named) Secretariat or Eastern Hemisphere Affairs is a necessity as the GUM finds itself with an increasing number of member-states based in Asia, Australia, the Indian subcontinent, and other locales. Such a secretariat would be responsible for coordinating times for rotating Quorums, ensuring fair representation for member-states in the eastern hemisphere, and advising the Chair on affairs important to the delegations of such member-states. The Secretary of Eastern Hemisphere Affairs would naturally be appointed from among the nations which would fall under the jurisdiction of the Secretariat.

Attainable quality but quality nonetheless :
As Sir Joseph has spoken about in Quorum before, the standards of this organization must be arranged in such a way as to be flexible, but still at a level befitting of an intermicronational organization which has existed for more than a decade and seeks to carry out high quality work.

Decorum :
In recent times, Grand Unified Micronational venues have had a real issue with a lack of decorum. This issue cannot be attributed to any one Chair or administration, however that doesn’t make it less of an issue.

Activity and Participation Reports

Vote KenndeyBirch

Archie Birch

Joey Kennedy later returned to make another statement.

As you all know, I’m running for Chair of this organization. As we go into 2021, the GUM has proven that while it’s in perhaps the best shape it’s ever been in, it still needs work.

My campaign stands for a return to decorum and professionalism, for an evaluation of the Charter to correct any errors (as has happened today) from occurring again, for cooperation with the Cupertino Alliance, for ensuring that member-states in the eastern hemisphere get a fair shot at inclusion, for ensuring that member states maintain a level of activity, and much more.

As I’ve said in private, I am not running for this office for any personal gain. I do not believe holding the office of Chair will really benefit me in any way, save for the feeling of contributing to this organization. I am running because I believe I am the most experienced and well-suited candidate for the job, and I thank all of my supporters for believing in me.

I’ve made it clear that I will not be a Chair of the old guard, or of the left wing. I have proven that I can bridge the gap between these divides, and that I will serve as a Chair for all delegates.

Thank you.

Joey Kennedy

The delegates from Nordale, Wyvern, and others supported Kennedy. The delegate from Iustus, Essexia, and others expressed their support for the Dean campaign.

GUM Awards

The delegate from Adammia motioned that PR021, regarding GUM Awards, should be amended from 3 months to annually, and also planned to host an awards ceremony in late December. The delegate from Poplar Nerva supported.

The delegate from Adammia moved to pass motion PR021 “be amended such that the Development Awards are renamed to the GUM Awards, and that the said awards shall take place once per year.”

  • Support – 17
  • Oppose – 0
  • Abstain – 0

The motion was carried.

Charter Amendment

Following the recent incident regarding Leon Montan and Nicolas Millan on criminal convictions, the Vice-Chair moved a motion to add a section allowing the Quorum to deny someone to serve as a delegate through majority vote, but only after viewing proof that said individual was convicted through a fair trial. The Chair supported the motion.

The Vice-Chair motioned to pass an amendment to the Charter consisting of “Striking article III, Chapter I, section e, paragraph ii in its entirety; [and] insert a new section after III(I)(e), reading in its entirety: “If an individual holds a criminal conviction under the law of a full member state, Quorum may by majority vote prohibit that individual from serving as a delegate; but Quorum may only do so after viewing proof that the individual was convicted pursuant to a fair trial.””

  • Support – 31
  • Oppose – 0
  • Abstain – 0

The motion was carried.

Final Statements

Various delegates gave statements following the conclusion of the Newton administration.

There we go then; we’ve got through it all! This might be the last Quroum of this Chairmanship, and if it is, can I say what an honour it is to serve as Vice-Chair for the past year. It really has been a wonderful opportunity and I’d like to think that I’ve helped to contribute in making the GUM a better place. Furthermore, I’d like to congratulate Newton on a sound run. We’ve got through much more than we hoped, and we might even get a new Charter! He’s been a fair, impartial and professional Chairman who while not having to deal with the melodrama and scandal associated with Tom’s chairmanship, did not always have an easy ride. I think we can all agree he’s done an amazing job considering the continued circumstances of a global pandemic and his own personal battles.

Good luck to our successors too. While I support Jack – a friend who I have known for 7 years who’s the kindest and most devoted person I have ever met – I know that Joey will make a fine Chairman too. It is up to you as an organisation to decide which one is better to lead, however, and I trust that whatever decision you make, the GUM will be in a strong position either way.

I have some personal news too – I have tendered my resignation from the Ministry of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs to Emperor Terry I, effective at the start of January next year once the new Vice-Chair is in place, whoever they may be. This means I will no longer have the honour of representing the Essexian delegation in this fine organisation, and will relinquish all of my other foreign engagements in the micronational community. This has been something that I have planned for a long time, and I have already withdrawn from most micronational Discord servers in anticipation of my departure from everywhere apart from Essexia. I need to focus more on school and my personal life, and as I will no longer hold office in this organisation there will be no need for me to contribute further.

When I first joined the GUM in mid-2018, Essexia was in a dire place. We had just been rejected from joining the organisation due to our competing land claims with Mercia and many saw us as a joke and frequently refused to enter into relations with us. I am sure many of you have been in this position before, and it is why my policy as Minister of Foreign Affairs in Essexia has always been to not judge a micronation on longevity. However, since we joined the GUM, we have grown from strength to strength, and I’d consider us one of the most established, populous, productive and renowned micronations in the GUM. This was not my work alone, but the work of dozens of Essexian’s who have worked on our project unrelentingly for years. To think of where we are now, compared to where we were when we first applied to join here, is incredible. Thank you for giving me a chance, and by extension giving Essexia a chance. I wish you all well, and hope to return one day.

Merry Christmas all!

Matthew S

Both Matthew and Newton have contributed greatly to this organisation, and their own micronations by extension. I will be sorry to see Matthew leave the GUM and many of his duties, but completely understand and wish him nothing but the best for the future, and the same goes to Newton aswell.

Jack Dean

The Vice-Chair gave a statement on behalf of Jonathan I.

The Order of Saint Constantine, Austenasia’s philanthropic order of chivalry, is looking this Christmas season to raise money for the Covid-19 Healthcare Support Appeal (CHSA).

The CHSA was set up by the Royal College of Nursing to fund projects to support health and care workers in the UK during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

So many health and care workers have risked and even given their lives to treat and protect others during this pandemic, it seems only right that this year the Order donates to such a charity. Many of us from the UK will remember the “Clap for Carers” on Thursday evenings earlier this year, but with this, we can show our gratitude by providing for their material and psychological support.

We aim to raise £100 this year, beating our previous Christmas fundraiser’s donation of £90, which was to UNICEF.

Donations can be made via a fundraiser post in Austenasia’s Facebook group, or by PayPal (please message me for details). Many thanks!

Jonathan I

The delegates of Misberia, Adammia, and others thanked Newton, Matthew, and their cabinet on their work for the past 3 months.

The delegate from Plushunia was concerned regarding the decline of formality in the public lobby despite the best efforts from staff. The delegate from Plushunia stated that the lobby should only be open to verified delegates.

Quorum was adjourned on 10:30PM UTC.

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