Quorum, 7 November 2020


  • Uber-Essian Union (Chair)
  • Commonwealth of Essexia and Čechsexia (Vice-Chair)
  • Union of Mercia and Lurk
  • Empire of Adammia
  • Gymnasium State
  • Kingdom of Wyvern
  • Rednecks Republic
  • Serene Beaconite Republic
  • Misberian Confederacy
  • State of Vishwamitra
  • Empire of Aenopia
  • Commonwealth of Naveria
  • Technocratic Republic of Theodia
  • Republic of Nordale

Chair Statement

The Chair issued a statement regarding the recent GUM Summit and his future prospects regarding the GUM.


I am happy to, on this momentous day, declare that the GUM Summit has been a resounding success. After much turmoil in our community during recent weeks, I am extremely glad and humbled at the turnout and effort on behalf of everyone to bring this summit together. The effects of COVID-19 globally has meant that an ideal in-person summit was not possible this year, but I hope this e-summit lived up to the expectations of the community and builds upon last year’s summit in Birmingham.
I’d like to spend a few moments discussing my term as Chair of the GUM. While I am the first to admit that my term has been a turmoiled one, fraught with relative inconsistency, I hope that I have adequately represented this organization as it’s Chair. My term has seen the continuation of the legacy of our late friend, Nicholas Randouler; in the Sister Cities Project. We have seen a return to regular Quorums, and an important landmark was met with long needed electoral reform in this very organization. The GUM has continued to grow at a rapid rate, continuing from the previous Chair, which ensures our organization has a long and vibrant future ahead of it. I’d like to give thanks to all my staff, and Mr. Vice Chair who has served tremendously as a close advisor these months.

I’d like to conclude by reiterating, though now officially, that I will not be seeking a second term as Chair of the GUM. I always intended to be a one term Chair, and my mandate was built upon transitioning the GUM back into a functioning organization again. I hope I have done enough to achieve this, and I wish the future Chair the best of luck in continuing that legacy.

Thank you.

Newton von Uberquie

The delegates from Essexia , Vishwamitra, Naveria, Rednecks Republic, Serene Beaconite Republic, and others expressed their thanks to the Chair.

GUM Calendar Proposal

The delegate from Vishwamitra moved this proposal to the Quorum.

Creation of the Grand Unified Micronational Calendar (GUM Calendar) which would comprise of all important dates linked to the organization and all other member-nations (more specifically the dates of the nation’s establishment or independence). And on that happy occasion, the leader of the nation can be sent a letter/best wishes by the Chair & other members of the organization.

Dhrubajyoti Roy

The delegate from Adammia supported the idea, but the delegate from Nordale and Rednecks Republic expressed their concern within the management of such project. The delegate of Adammia offered to do it under his Micronational Development secretarial post. The delegate of Nordale also expressed her concern regarding the funding for postage of the letters, but the delegate of Vishwamitra corrected that it will not be done through physical letters.

The idea was not moved to vote. The quorum adjourned on 7:17 pm UTC.

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