Quorum, 9 January 2021


  • Commonwealth of Essexia and Čechsexia (Chair)
  • Rednecks Republic
  • Commonwealth of New Virginia
  • Empire of Adammia
  • Republic of Nordale
  • Tsardom of Nolland
  • Republic of New Rizalia
  • Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg
  • State of Vishwamitra
  • Empire of Zooxaloo
  • Kingdom of West Sayville
  • Gymnasium State
  • Technocratic Republic of Theodia
  • Mercia
  • Nemkhav Federation
  • Uber-Essian Union
  • Serene Beaconite Republic
  • Empire of Paravia
  • Commonwealth of Naveria
  • Abeldane Empire
  • Vlasynian Despotate
  • Empire of Aenopia
  • Kingdom of Lytera
  • Kingdom of Ikonia
  • Federal Union of Wegmat
  • Empire of Austenasia
  • Jusin Republic
  • Unified Royal States of Australis

Nomination of Joseph Kennedy for Associate Judge

Anthony Clark of Abelden, the current Supreme Justice, nominated Joseph Kennedy of New Virginia for Associate Judge in the Supreme Court, citing past experience and compassion.

The Chair motioned for Joseph Kennedy to be confirmed as Associate Justice, replacing Jonathan Augustus.

Joseph Kennedy to be confirmed as Associate JusticeDivision

The motion was passed.

Nomination of Matthew for Vice-Chair

The Chair re-nominated incumbent Matthew of Uber-Esse for Vice-Chair, citing continued experience during the role and that Leon Montan was defeated for Vice-Chair nomination.

Adam I of Adammia raised a complaint to the Quorum.

I would like to raise a complaint. During the recent election, it was my understanding that a certain delegate who should have been a key endorser of my campaign was unable to do so due to a conflict of interest arising from the fact that they were due to be nominated as Mr. Dean’s Vice-Chair in the likely event that Mr. Montan’s nomination failed. I will not name this delegate so as not to embarrass them, but the Chair knows who I am talking about. It now transpires that the Chair will be nominating a different delegate as Vice-Chair. Therefore, this delegate – and therefore, my campaign – were misled and we lost out on a key endorsement, which now appears to have all been for nothing. Whilst I would never believe that Chair acted maliciously, I must protest at this decision that I would argue put the Chair’s campaign at an unfair electoral advantage. I was more than happy to accept the original decision, as I fully believed that the delegate in question would have made a fantastic Vice-Chair. However, in going back on his word, the Chair has indicated that the delegate’s abstention from endorsing was for nothing. Therefore I will be voting against this nomination in protest.

Adam I of Adammia, 9 January 2021

Matthew of Uber-Esse responded, informing that the nation of the delegated that he referred voted for Adam I anyways and accusing Adam I of lying. Adam I responded back, stating that the delegate mentioned was planning to endorse him personally, but instead the burden of responsibility was handled by the secondary delegate too late in the election process, therefore having a decrease/no affect towards the election. Matthew later responded, stating that the delegate in question was never guaranteed the Vice-Chairmanship. Matthew also justified his renewal through a statement given to the Quorum:

As many as you know, I had intended to leave the GUM for a year or so, to focus on my upcoming A-Level exams and the start of university. Following the cancellation of the exams last week, my reason for taking a break is no longer needed, so I look forward to staying in the organisation. Following the rejection of Leon Montan last week, combined with my sudden availability, I have offered my services as Vice-Chair to Jack for another 6 months, and I’m glad he has chosen to take them up. I know that he did have other candidates in mind following Leon’s rejection, who I had also endorsed privately, so I am extremely grateful that I have been given this opportunity again over these excellent other choices. As someone who was at the heart of engineering Jack’s campaign, I believe I’m in the best position to help in the delivery of his platform as Vice-Chairman. After serving in the organisation as Vice-Chair under Thomas and Newton, I also believe I have the experience to help Jack in navigating the organisation and micronational community. I appreciate that after a year of me being Vice-Chair, the Quorum does need to have another say in my continuation, and it’s for the best that I only continue should I be reconfirmed, even if this vote would usually be unnecessary. It would be an honour for the Quorum to reconfirm me as Vice-Chair this evening and to serve another 6 months in this organisation which I have grown to love, and will work to see prosper.

Matthew of Uber-Esse, 9 January 2021

Anthony Clark stepped in with a point of order, stating that it would be disorderly to accused someone to be dishonest and asking if the Vice-Chair was indeed in-order with the first reply to Adam. Matthew later retracted the claims that Adam was lying, however accused Adam of misleading the Quorum. The Chair concurred, however asked both parties to refrain from such allegations in the Quorum.

Adam I then responded, confirming that the delegate in question was never promised the Vice-Chairmanship, however it was considered that they would be offered in a situation when Leon Montan’s nomination failed; henceforth not endorsing Adam. Adam, however, affirmed that he was not suggesting that the Chair acted out of malice. Matthew responded back, stating that the delegate in question did not join the campaign on the terms that he would be offered Vice-Chair and that he was an important member of the campaign. Matthew later invited Adam to exchange privately in direct messages.

Adam I rejected the fact that he was attempting to mislead the quorum, however noted the short timespan between him becoming campaign staff and the doubts of Montan winning the Vice-Chairmanship. Both James Frisch and Anthony Clark voiced their concerns about the now third term of Matthew, with the latter citing new energy needed and a regular rotation of senior posts. Sophia Albnia of Nordale defended the renewal, citing that Matthew’s Vice-Chairmanship was stable and he is competent as Vice-Chair.

Matthew noted those concerns and promised that it would be his last term as Vice-Chair.

The Chair motioned for Matthew of Uber-Esse to be renewed as Vice-Chair.

Matthew of Uber-Esse to be confirmed as Vice-ChairDivision

The motion was passed.

Diplomatic talks with the Cupertino Alliance

The Chair proposed the permission to initiate diplomatic talks with the Cupertino Alliance (CA).

Adam I questioned the proposals that the Chair plans to move forward, as well as the benefits that they have to the GUM. The Chair later responded with a statement:

I intend to begin by creating a venue for myself to speak formally with my counterpart, followed by exchanges regarding how to better the community, how we can best use the venue for both organisations, and etc. This initial stage will set the foundations for further cooperation, such as joint projects or legislation to be adopted by both organisations, that will be passed by the quorum for approval of such first. I believe this can benefit the GUM and the wider community for the obvious benefits of any micronational projects or legislation, but their significance made greater by the number of nations involved.

Jack Dean of Essexia, 9 January 2021

Matthew Xia and Logan Ross, of Yu-Xia and Aenopia respectively, supported the motion, citing that a partnership would be bilaterally beneficial. Adam I then questioned the projects that the Chair plans to predict happening with the CA, which the Chair responded with “[a project] like sister cities… [and] joint legislation”. Logan Ross also proposed the member remark system used in the Cupertino Alliance could also be used in the GUM.

The Chair motioned for the Chair to be permitted to initiate diplomatic talks with the Cupertino Alliance.

The Chair is permitted to initiate diplomatic talks with the Cupertino AllianceDivision

The motion was passed.

GUM Politan server

The Chair proposed that the GUM Politan (informal space for delegates) channel be spun-off to a separate server, citing the decrease in formality due to Politan discussion spilling into other channels.

Adam I opposed the plan, citing previous debates that the GUM being too decentralized, as well as proposing that the problem of informality was due to lack of enforcement from other Chairs. Adam notes that violations of decorum was excused by previous administrations, including infractions by senior GUM officials, and pointing that the lax enforcement was the real issue. Patrick I of Paravia concurred with Adam, adding on that a separate server would be a hassle for delegates. Swena of Theodia also concurred, providing a statement to the Quorum:

I am always a proponent of the UNIX Philosophy of “Do One Thing, And Do It Well.” The purpose of the GUM’s primary official server should be for primary official business, and nothing more. This helps to keep things simple and focused in the primary server; and helps to keep the additional, less-formal servers focused on their respective topics and duties.

I believe the aforementioned concerns over balkanization are unwarranted — all servers are in the same app, and we can easily create folders to group them together. It is trivial to move between them, and notifications are unified.

Swena of Theodia, 9 January 2021

The Chair motioned to move the GUM Politan and other informal channels into a new GUM Politan server.

Move the GUM Politan and other informal channels into a new GUM Politan serverDivision

The motion was defeated.

Sandus invitation

The Chair proposed to reinvite the State of Sandus to the Grand Unified Micronational through a letter sent by the Chair, citing that they would be an asset towards the GUM.

This was supported by various delegates, including Adam I, Terry of Essexia, and others, citing the long history of the nation, and benefits of the membership towards the community. Sophia Albnia of Nordale requested that the Grand Unified Micronational as a whole apologize to Sandus, citing the unfair treatment and inconveniences given by the organization towards a nation such as Sandus over the past few years. This was opposed by the Vice-Chair, pointing out that the Chair shouldn’t have to apologize for actions by previous administrations. Various delegates, including Ms. Albnia noted the fact that the organization as a whole would apologize.

Cameron I of Ikonia requested the Chair moved the logo of the letter to the left. This was done by the Chair.

The Chair motioned for Sandus to be re-invited to apply for GUM membership.

Sandus to be re-invited to apply for GUM membershipDivision

The motion was passed.

Addendum: Sandus apology

Luxor of Mercia opposed the invitation, considering that it was not the practice of the GUM to invite member states, adding on that Sandus should have applied within the past four years. Adam I noted the fact that the letter won’t include automatic membership, and argued that the GUM needs to invite them back to prove that the GUM has changed. Luxor responded, stating that Sandus is aware on how the GUM operates, and should’ve noted the changes by new administrations. However, Adam I brought up that various politicians of Sandus have been against GUM administration for a long period of time.

Swena of Theodia offered a solution to the debate, suggesting to send an apology towards Sandus, ensuring that their re-application would be viewed favorability. Adam I noted that Sandus would only re-apply if there was an formal invitation to do so.

Swena created 2 non-binding informal polls in the Quorum using reactions on the addition of an apology to the invitation.

[Non-binding] Make the invitation an apology letterDivision
[Non-binding] Add an apology to the invitationDivision

Adam I noted that the invitation is practically an apology, therefore supporting the letter in its current form. Sophia Albnia questioned if Swena had the authority to call a vote, and Joseph Kennedy called for Swena to cease their actions.

Quorum adjourned at 11:59PM UTC.

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