Quorum, 6 February 2021

Members present:

  • Commonwealth of Essexia and Čechsexia (Chair)
  • Uber-Essian Union
  • Abeldane Empire
  • Empire of Aenopia
  • Gymnasium State
  • Empire of Ikonia
  • Empire of Paravia
  • Rednecks Republic
  • Technocratic Republic of Theodia
  • State of Vishwamitra
  • Imperium Aquilae
  • Iceni Federal Republic
  • Unified Royal States of Australis
  • Empire of Iustus
  • Serene Beaconite Republic
  • Kingdom of West Sayville
  • Commonwealth of New Virginia
  • Merica
  • Socialist State of Iceni

Statement to the Quorum

The Chair gave a statement to the Quorum relating to achievements within the first month of his term.

That’s a quorum. Thank you to everyone who could be here tonight – this should be a relatively short quorum as we don’t have much on the agenda. As such, I’ve prepared a longer opening than usual, and I’ll allow a few minutes for delegates to read it.

It’s been over a month now since I entered office, which I suppose is the closest thing to ‘the first 100 days’ cliche. We’ve achieved quite a bit in that time, such as:

Establishment of the first Asia Secretary

A new ‘Help Joining the GUM’/GUM-MDI server and initiative

A Minecraft server where many different delegates and their nations’ citizens have built some impressive creations

Began work on the GUM Mentors

Continuing work on the new charter thanks to all those involved in the charter commission, and especially the Supreme Justice for his everlasting commitment to progress

Work in place for the first Asia Quorum to take place in 2 weeks

Began work on the first Asia event

Creation and implementation of the first GUM Development Awards

Renewed sense of Decorum (and some improvement thanks to the ‘When Gotta Dance’ role

Creation of the GUM YouTube, with development videos soon coming

Opened channels with the CA, with work between the two organisations to start taking place this month

Revamp of the Sister Cities project thanks to the Diplomacy Secretary Tomáš Falešník

And now I can add one more achievement to that list. As of today, the GUM Calendar has been created and is open to Full Members to add events to, according to the correct format. I hope this will allow us to celebrate and learn more about each other’s nations and their histories.

Jack Dean of Essexia, 6 February 2021

Voting reform

The Chair motioned various ideas for voting reform, suggested by various members of the Quorum.

The current system of proxy votes, i.e. dming the chair one’s vote, is very archaic and could surely be replaced. One such proposal was the implementation of 24 hour voting – Quorums would still have an agenda as planned, however the idea would be that quorum would shift to the discussion side of things, whilst votes are put up for 24 hours from the start of quorum. This could, theoretically, allow all members to have a voice regardless of their timezones or schedules. My reservations lie in the fact that this could make quorums a lot less productive or useful, and convince less members to attend. Regardless, we believe a trial would be an ideal option to test these theories. Therefore I motion to trial the 24 hour voting system during the next quorum. Does anyone want the floor?

Jack Dean of Essexia, 6 February 2021

Joseph Kennedy, a helper and supporter of the proposal, argued that the current system is restrictive and allowing 24 hours to vote would allow more delegates to vote in case of time zones or personal affairs. Shiro supported some parts of the idea, adding on that discussions of motions outside quorum should be allowed but cautioned the idea of allowing motions to be proposed outside quorums. This was refuted by Joseph Kennedy, citing lower turnout rates.

The Chair put 24 hour voting to be trialed at the next quorum:

For 24 hour voting to be trialed at the next quorumDivision

The motion was passed.

GUM Development Awards

Matthew issued a statement relating to the GUM Development Awards, remarking that the event had 42 responses. He announced the ceremony, planned at 13 February 2021, at 22:00 UTC. The Chair question why not 21:00UTC, so Matthew asked a simple poll on if moving it towards the latter date would be fine.

For the GUM Development Awards ceremony to be moved to 21:00 UTCDivision

The awards ceremony was moved to 21:00 UTC.

Charter Commission

Anthony Clark, the Supreme Judge, gave a statement relating to the work of the Charter Commission.

Thank you Mr Chair.

A quick note to update everyone on the Charter Commission’s work. We’re approaching the end of the process – we have a first draft maybe 2/3rds done, and most of the major question have been resolved.

Once we’ve finished this first draft, my plan is to share it with all members for their comments. I’m hoping that there won’t be any big issues, but this gives us a chance to review some of the smaller details.

On the basis of these comments, I’ll prepare a revised draft. I’d encourage everyone to read this draft as carefully as possible, to catch any errors and issues (there’ll be many!). I’ll also approach several experienced GUM delegates directly, asking them to proofread as best as they can. Hopefully this will let us catch as many issues as possible before we start voting.

If/when the new charter comes into effect, basically all previous Supreme Court judgements will be void. I’m planning to start a new document of ‘GUMSC Reports’ where we record new judgements and advisory opinions. That’s a relatively minor consideration.

A bigger issue is the statutory code. It’s already incredibly bloated, and I don’t think anyone has a good idea of what’s in it. I plan to redesign it, so that it only includes permanent general legislation (i.e. no more recording membership votes or appointments). I’d also like to make editions of it, with each new edition happening whenever the Code’s structure needs updating. I propose that I draft a new, much shorter version of the Code. This will include all current permanent provisions that aren’t then redundant/unconstitutional (perhaps somewhat redrafted). At the first Quorum of the new charter, I’d also like to propose some new motions to expand on areas where the charter is written in broad terms.

I’m happy to take any questions on the above!

I cede.

Anthony Clark, Supreme Judge

This statement was thanked by the Chair and other delegates, Shiro gave a statement relating to the issue:

I’ll keep my statement extremely brief. The big issue that is left is, of course, our ponderous and admittedly cumbersome Statutory Code. That being said, this is also a new Charter. Either by amendment or by Quroum, we could take a wrecking ball to said Code and replace it with a much-abridged version, as it is likely the new Charter will supersede much of it anyway.


Clark replied, stating that “the much-abridged Code is my plan, and the way to approve it is through Quorum.”

Statement from the Statistics Secretary

As Daniel Roscoe, the Statistic Secretary, was absent, the Chair gave the statement on behalf of him.

Greetings, Honourable delegates of today’s Quorum. I would like to make a statement regarding the work I am currently doing in my position as Statistics Secretary – more specifically the messages I recently sent to a great many delegates of the GUM asking for the total population and area size of the nation they represent. If you or one of your delegates (I attempted to send one to every primary delegate) have received a message from me in the last few days, please make sure to read it and respond to it. Without as many responses as possible, the total GUM area and population will not be accurate. As of 6 February, I have received responses from 29 member states. This is an incredible turnout so far, but I would like to ask those who have not yet responded to do so as soon as possible. Also, although I am not attending this Quorum due to timezone differences, please feel free to discuss below on things you’d like to see my office do, we’re always open to feedback and suggestions! Sincerely, Daniel Roscoe 7th GUM Statistics Secretary

Daniel Roscoe

Statement from member nations

The Chair opened the floor for any nation to update on progress. The Chair gave a statement on behalf of Emperor Jonathan.

Austenasia has recently expanded with the annexation of a new territory bordered by Nevada, which has been named Golcondiaurum, in which gold deposits are hoped to be found; a geological survey will be conducted in the near future. Furthermore, efforts are underway by our new Ministry of Territories and the Diaspora to improve access to the political and cultural life of the nation for non-residential subjects. In more sobering news, our second case of COVID-19 was confirmed this week, but the infected person has only mild symptoms and is expected to make a full recovery. The Empire is also, along with Iceni, Lundenwic, and Dominel, discussing the possibility of forming an organisation for British-based micronations to help with the organisation of summits and the mutual development of economic and social ties; anybody interested in this is welcome to contact me (Jon).

Jonathan I

The delegate of Misberia, Archi Mesteacăn, noted that their elections are coming and that they are “coming out of isolationist policies”.

The delegate of Iceni, Rex. John I, stated that their nation is planning to write up their “own form of government based upon Socialism and Monarchism”, and is curating their own culinary dish.

Delegate of Ikonia, Cameron I, said that Ikonia has issued an increased amount of coat of arms.

The delegate of the Serene Beaconite Republic, James Frisch, stated that elections for the Minor Council and Chief Justice was concluded.

Delegate for Aenopia, Logan Ross, gave a statement:

Over the past few weeks Aenopia has seen massive growth and changes. On 21 January we unveiled our Starless IV rocket as part of a renewed and refreshed Aenopian Aerospace Administration, which is currently scheduled to see its first flight no sooner than March 2021. Only a few days later we confirmed that a digital copy of the flight pact for said first flight will be flying on the Perigrine lander to the moon alongside fellow member states Lytera and Essexia. On 30 January (I think it was) the National Museum of Aenopia was opened, albeit a year late, which includes items of cultural or historical importance to Aenopia. And even just a few minutes ago the National Park Act was passed which established the New Llandudno National Park.

Logan Ross

Alcibiades I, the delegate of the Imperium Aquilae, gave a statement:

Imperium Aquilae has had major reforms in regards to foreign policy these past months. After a period of Isolationism and diplomatic talks only with nations of the Greek Micronational Sector it has re-emerged on the International Stage.We entered the GUM as a provisional member and have signed several treaties of mutual recognition and friendship with GUM members in order to enstablish intermicronational co-operation and to become an Active member of the community.We are honoured to be here as part of the Grand Unified Micronational,even as a provisional member for now and we hope to open a new chapter in the developement of our Nation as well as for Hellenic Micronationalism in general.

Alcibiades I

Newton, the Uberessenberg, also gave a statement:

Uberessenberg is proud to announce it has joined the Wurtige Empire and is currently putting all its administrative resources into developing the Empire. In terms of governance of the Empire, Wurdigeland has recently begun negotiating treaties with many of its fellow nations in order to forge stronger alliances. Uber-Esse recently joined the Wurtige Sporting Association compact in order to compete under a Wurtige flag at the Adammic Chess Open, in which the final third place match shall take place tomorrow.


The Mercian delegate, Luxor, as well as James Frisch replied to his statement, noting that both Mercia and the Serene Beaconite Republic also joined the Wurtige Empire.

The delegate of Lytera, Alex I, gave a statement:

The Kingdom of Lytera recently created LUNA (Lyteran Unexplored National Agency). LUNA is primarily designed for space exploration and has secured a spot on the Peregrine lander set to land on the Moon in July 2021 alongside Aenopia and Essexia. In addition, we have joined the IAC for cooperation in regards to space exploration. Lastly, Lytera had its first virtual council meeting in over a few months yesterday using the game “VRchat”.

Alex I

Joseph Kennedy, the delegate for New Virginia, gave a statement regarding independence day on 11 February.

The Chair, Jack Dean, stated that many advancements were made relating to aerospace by the Commonwealth of Essexia. Additionally, as a response of the $200 raised for the British Red Cross, he would be cutting his hair.

The Supreme Justice gave a statement relating to the new eFilling form:

As Supreme Court Clerk, I am keen to improve our new eFiling form. I want the form to be as clear as possible, so that anybody feels happy filing a case if they need to.

I’d like to do a user test of sorts – asking delegates with varying legal experience (from none to lots) to go through the form and identify any areas where they’re not sure what’s being asked. I’ll use this feedback to improve the questions and the various explanations.

If anyone’s interested in this, please send me a DM, or ping me in #foyer. I’m also going to post this message in #announcements.

I cede.

Anthony Clark

Rex. John I assured delegates that Iceni’s form of government will remain, and the frequent changes to government will cease.

The Chair concluded the quorum on 8:46 p.m. UTC.

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