Judicial Response to Mcarthian Query

Query submitted 10th of October 2016 by President Kit McCarthy of the Republic of Mcarthia to the Supreme Judge of the Grand Unified Micronational:

  1. Can there be a right of appellate from the Supreme Court of Mcarthia to the Supreme Court of the Grand Unified Micronational?
  2. If yes, can it be made a statutory requirement for parties under Mcarthian jurisdiction to consent to a GUM Supreme Court appeal?

Response provided on the 13th of October 2016 by the Supreme Judge of the grand Unified Micronational:

As it is currently constituted, I do not think the court is able to do as you request. I think that for us to interfere in the affairs of a state to that extent would be to essentially establish the nation in question as a ‘trust’ of the Grand Unified Micronational, a state of affairs which I would be reluctant to enter into (unless absolutely necessary) without approval of Quorum.
Under Article III, Chapter VI, s iii-xiv, there is no mention of a court case being able to be brought by one individual against another, except in cases where the individual in question may not be fairly tried in their respective home state.
This constitutes the preliminary opinion of the Supreme Justice, on the behalf of the Supreme Court of the GUM
If a further more detailed opinion is desired, then this will take time to prepare, and I would request that an application for a further opinion is submitted within one week of this preliminary opinion.

Quorum: 25/06/2016

This was Fionnbarra O Cathail’s first session as newly elected Chair.


  1. Leylandiistan and Gurvata (with Chair Fionnbarra O Cathail)
  2. Austenasia
  3. Mcarthia
  4. Adammia
  5. Breckland
  6. DRCC
  7. Lundenwic
  8. Mercia
  9. Noland
  10. Paravia
  11. Roseland
  12. Überstadt
  13. Whestcorea
  14. Zenrax
  15. New Starland (provisional)
  16. Sorrenia (provisional)

NOTE: Those present will now be ordered as follows: those nations with delegates appointed to official roles shall come first, followed by all other nations alphabetically. Provisional members shall come last.


  1. Introduction
  2. Membership Applications Nedland’s provisional membership was extended by two weeks. Noveria was accepted as an observer, while Pacem’s request for observership was rejected.
  3. Election of Shane Cahill and Jonathan Augustus Fionnbarra O Cathail formally became the 24th Chair of the GUM, with Jonathan Augustus handing over the chairmanship. He pledged to be held accountable, and will have brief Q&A sessions at the start of each session of Quorum. Jonathan Augustus became Vice-Chair.
  4. Recognition of Valdsland as Whestcorean successor state The Quorum agreed to recognise Valdsland as the successor state of Whestcorea.
  5. Extension of Provisional Membership Voting It was agreed that votes to extend provisional memberships would take place on the GUM Talk page. This was raised as due to the scheduling of Quorum sessions, it was sometimes not possible to vote on provisional memberships the day they expired.
  6. Report on Letters Jonathan Augustus confirmed that letters had been sent to all nations previously agreed on in the last session except Talossa, and that replies would be brought to the Quorum when they were received.
  7. Review of Rejected Applications It was briefly suggested that there should be a formal procedure following the rejection of applications to the GUM. The proposal was turned down.
  8. Proposals for Declaration of a New Historic Period It was raised that the community has moved past the current historic period declared on MicroWiki, and suggested that the GUM should declare a new one. The first point was accepted, but it was pointed out that the GUM did not have the mandate to interfere in MicroWiki matters.
  9. GUM Goals The King of Überstadt and Kit McCarthy had both proposed sets of GUM Goals, and it was agreed again that further discussion would happen in the GUM Lounge. (NOTE: the King of Überstadt and Kit McCarthy are currently working on a complete list of goals)
  10. MicroWiki Article It was raised that the current MicroWiki article for the GUM is seriously out-of-date, and required revision. Jonathan Augustus shall work on it for next session.
  11. Legal Assistance Proposal It was proposed that a committee be formed to review the potential for offering legal assistance. It is currently planned that the GUM will offer legal advice to any nation when needed, and will also prepare a selection of documents with guidance on micronational legal affairs.
  12. Seconding of Motions It was agreed that any motion will have to be seconded before it goes to a full vote.
  13. Organisation of Statutory Code It was agreed that the Statutory Code of the GUM should be organised by category to prevent it becoming disorganised. Shane Cahill and Kit McCarthy will work on this.
  14. Final Points It was not agreed when the next session would be.

Quorum Adjourned.




O Cathail Elected as Chair

Leylandiistan & Gurvata’s Fionnbarra O Cathail has been elected as the 24th Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, beating Mcarthia’s Kit McCarthy by ten votes.

Mr O Cathail received eleven votes in total.

He said this on election:

 It is difficult to describe adequately how I feel by the vote which has just concluded. Honoured, humbled and elated only go so far. I did not expect to receive an endorsement as large and as overwhelming as the one which you have offered me. It occurred to me how far Leylandiistan & Gurvata has come, and how long I have taken part in micronationalism. I am reminded especially of my first Quorum, in January 2014. Since then, it has always been a pleasure to take part in the Grand Unified Micronational.

I must admit that I do not have any major initiatives or projects to put forward, indeed, it was difficult to make such pledges as I was campaigning. This is because we are starting afresh with the GUM, with a good number of nations which have seceded since the organisation went into dormancy. Over the next few weeks, it is you, the delegates, not I, who shall determine the future direction of the GUM. You have entrusted me to provide leadership in order to implement any initiatives approved by Quorum. I, in turn, trust you all to put forward innovative, creative ideas for us all to work together on.

As Chair, I will do my utmost to be consistent. I will never shy away from offering my opinion. I will, as promised, work to implement all initiatives approved by the Quorum before the end of my term. I want to be held accountable to the Quorum, therefore beginning with the next session I will allow for a brief Q&A session at the beginning of each Quorum. A wide variety of nations supported my bid to become Chair, and in turn I will treat all delegations with the same high level of respect. We must continue to work to bridge the divide between younger and older nations which grew before the return to activity of our organisation.

I would finally like to thank Mr. McCarthy of Mcarthia for being a very worthy opponent. He has done the organisation a service to date in helping revitalise the organisation, and in acting as Press Secretary. I am sure he will continue to be full of ideas, and will be one of the most active delegates in the term ahead.

Thank you all!

O Cathail replaced previous Chair Jonathan Augustus, and will serve for six months. The GUM has widely welcomed his victory. Jonathan Augustus became Vice-Chair.

He pledged to be held accountable, and will have brief Q&A sessions at the start of each session of Quorum.


For Fionnbarra O Cathail;











Beacon City

For Kit McCarthy:


Quorum: 19/05/2016


  1. Austenasia (with Chair Jonathan I)
  2. Roseland
  3. Mercia
  4. Adammia
  5. Lundenwic
  6. Whestcorea
  7. New Starland (provisional)
  8. Noland
  9. Zenrax
  10. DRCC
  11. Koss


  1. Introduction
  2. Membership Applications Adammia, Breckland, and Beacon City were all voted in as provisional members. Sorrenia was accepted as a provisional member. Hortania was rejected.
  3. Letters to non-MicroWiki nations This proposal, to write letters to various non-MicroWiki nations (including Molossia), has been discussed frequently, and last session a letter was approved. The letter will now be sent to Molossia, Vikesland, Westarctica, Calsahara, Ladonia, Kumano, Arborea, Reunion, and Talossa.
  4. Chair Election Update Voting was under way at time of meeting. The two candidates were Fionnbarra O Cathail of Leylandiistan & Gurvata, and Kit McCarthy of Mcarthia (NOTE: since the time of meeting, Fionnbarra O Cathail has been confirmed as the new Chair).
  5. GUM Goals There was brief discussion regarding the idea of the GUM Goals, but further action was again postponed.
  6. Condemnation of Micronational War Bee Healy of Roseland successfully proposed a motion requiring the GUM to condemn micronational war. A motion to automatically table a motion of suspension against any members who declared war on other nations failed.
  7. Final Points Thomas Merrell of Zenrax told the Quorum of problems with inactivity in his nation, and that the government was considering both national reforms and dissolution as potential ways forwards. The next session shall be on the 25th of June 2016, at 1400 BST.

Quorum Adjourned.




The Lord Admiral’s Corner: On the revived Grand Unified Micronational

Austenasian Times

gum_nlogo The logo of the new Grand Unified Micronational

This article is one of a series of editorials from Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy known as The Lord Admiral’s Corner, where the Prime Minister will give his thoughts and opinions on issues affecting the micronation.org community. The opinions expressed in this series are the personal views of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Austenasian Times or the Austenasian Government.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical when His Imperial Majesty the Emperor told me of plans to revive the Grand Unified Micronational.

As a younger man, I was a very influential delegate from the now-defunct Ashukov Federation. I campaigned for the Chairmanship three times, though only the second one was successful. I was instrumental in the creation of the now-defunct GUM Library and established a committee dedicated to enacting a new Charter (which failed to accomplish its goal following the end…

View original post 653 more words

Quorum: 12/06/2016

The second Quorum session for the new GUM.


  1. Austenasia (with Chair Jonathan I)
  2. Mcarthia
  3. Paravia
  4. Roseland
  5. Mercia
  6. Adammia (provisional)
  7. Lundenwic
  8. Whestcorea
  9. Breckland (provisional)
  10. DRCC
  11. Beacon City (provisional)


  1. Introduction
  2. Time Zone Issues It was raised that the matter of time zones made it inconvenient for some delegates to attend sessions. A motion to allow advance voting was passed.
  3. Membership Applications New Starland was accepted. Matai was offered observership. Pacem, St. Kilda, Shorewall, New Sussex and Hampshire, and Abelden were rejected. New Starland will have to wait at least two weeks before becoming a full member.
    It was also raised that the GUM may be at danger of running an exclusionary admissions policy, a point which was debated briefly.
  4. Letters to non-MicroWiki nations This proposal, to write letters to various non-MicroWiki nations (including Molossia), was raised last session, and the Chair presented three potential letters. A letter was selected, and delegates will now propose various nations to which this letter may be sent.
  5. Report of News Site Press Secretary Kit McCarthy provided a brief report on the new site – gumnews.wordpress.com
    There have been 142 views so far, and the contact form has been used once.
  6. Chair Election Update Voting for the new Chair elections shall open on Saturday the 18th of June.
  7. Time Zone Issues It was agreed that in order to be fair to all delegates’ circumstances (especially in the case of time zones), the Chair must have to take into account the availability of all delegates.
  8. Legal Assistance A proposal to provide legal assistance to nations was raised. It was decided that Kit McCarthy would return with a concrete proposal.
  9. Final Points Several agenda points were postponed in the interests of time, and the Chair agreed to contact all delegates to establish Quorum scheduling ideals. The next session shall be on the 18th of June 2016, at 1300 BST.

Quorum Adjourned.




Quorum: 05/06/2016

This was the first Quorum session for the new GUM. Here follows a summary of proceedings.


  1. Austenasia (with Chair Jonathan I)
  2. Mcarthia (with observer Nathalie Mezza-Garcia)
  3. Noland
  4. Paravia
  5. Roseland
  6. Mercia
  7. Adammia (provisional)
  8. Lundenwic
  9. Whestcorea
  10. Breckland (provisional)
  11. Reyla
  12. DRCC
  13. Beacon City (provisional)


  1. Introduction Ms Mezza-Garcia was welcomed, who was observing proceedings for academic research. Minor points of order were raised.
  2. Clemency for Delegates with Criminal Records As the Charter prohibits individuals with micronational criminal records serving as delegates with Quorum approval, the delegate status of both Premier Dallin Langford and HIM Jonathan I was approved by the Quorum.
  3. Membership Applications The membership of Adammia, Breckland, and Beacon City was approved. Nedland and Humanytaria were rejected. The three approved nations will have to wait at least two weeks before becoming full members.
  4. Appointment of a Supreme Justice The Chair nominated HIM Taeglan I Nihilus as Supreme Justice – an appointment supported by the Quorum.
  5. Creation of a News Site President Kit McCarthy proposed the creation of an official GUM news site, which was approved. Mr. McCarthy was voted in as Secretary for Media and Public Relations.
  6. GUM Goals The idea of GUM Goals, an equivalent to the United Nation’s Millennium and Sustainable Development Goals, was raised. It was agreed not to discuss this point, pending further out-of-Quorum debate.
  7. Letters to non-MicroWiki nations This proposal, to write letters to various non-MicroWiki nations (including Molossia), was generally supported by the Quorum. It was decided that the Chair would draft three different letters with varying premises which could be voted on by the Quorum next session.
  8. Final Points One small agenda point was missed, the system for proposing agendas was clarified, the issue of the outdated wiki page was raised, and the Chair summarised the proceedings. The next session shall be on the 12th of June 2016, at 2000 BST.

Quorum Adjourned.




How to Join the GUM

How do you go about joining the GUM?

  1. Ratify the Charter For a nation to join the Grand Unified Micronational, it must first ratify the Charter of the GUM. Add signatures to this page here. When ratifying, you should also state whether you are applying for full, observership, or provisional membership.
  2. Contact the Chair The current Chair of the GUM is Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia. Contact him and inform him of your nation’s ratification.
  3. Wait for Voting The GUM must then vote on your ratification, and will do so at its next Quorum session. If a nation is approved, it must then wait a further two weeks for a second vote, where it is hopefully granted full membership.

Not all nations are approved; the Quorum can be selective when voting on nation’s applications, and nations have been turned down in the past. However, you can increase your chances of approval both by working hard on your micronation, and actively for the benefit of the community.

Good luck!

Welcome to Our Site!


This is the brand new news site for the brand new GUM. This site will be used for press releases, Quorum summaries, and news reports on any business concerning the GUM. This is site is primarily the responsibility of the GUM Press Secretary, who is at present Kit McCarthy, delegate of Mcarthia.

You can find more information on the GUM here.