Quorum: 3 July 2017


  1. Membership applications:
    1. Breckland’s application for full membership (Motion failed.)
    2. Uberquisenburg’s application for full membership (Motion passed.)
  2. Project Updates:
    1. Quorum presiding amendment
    2. GUM Instagram
    3. GUM International Exhbitions
    4. Update on Diplomabear progress and rota
    5. Work of the Statistics Secretariat
    6. Work of the Media Secretariat
  3. Questions to the Chair
  4. Quorum adjourned.

Please report any errors to Alexander Gibbs or the Secretariat for Public Relations and Press.

Quorum: 29 May 2017

Nations Present:

  1. Shorewell
  2. Mercia
  3. Coria
  4. Paravia
  5. Edenic Compact
  6. Jupiter
  7. Sabia and Verona
  8. Novian Republic
  9. Esse
  10. Stravinia
  11. Ashukovo
  12. Mcarthia


  1. Membership applications: Glastieve’s application for full membership. (Motion passed.)
  2. Diplomabear Update: no updates.
  3. Update from the Statistics Secretary.
  4. Schedule of GUM Election Season:
    1. 4-10 June – Nominations.
    2. 11-17 June – Campaigning.
    3. 18-24 June – Voting.
    4. 25 June – Results, new Chair term begins.
  5. Questions to the Chair: Request to receive updates in meetings from the SPRP.
  6. Quorum adjourned.


Please report any errors to Alexander Gibbs or the Secretariat for Public Relations and Press.

Quorum: 22 May 2017

Nations Present:

  1. Esse
  2. Abelden
  3. Jupiter
  4. Austenasia
  5. Paravia
  6. Mercia
  7. The Danube
  8. Stravinia
  9. Ashukovo
  10. Shorewell


  1. Membership applications: Novapara’s application for provisional membership (Motion passed), Winthroopstan’s application for provisional membership (Motion failed), Jupiter’s ascension to full member status (Motion passed), Stravinia’s ascension to full member status (Motion passed).
  2. Update from the Statistics Secretariat.
  3. Motion. “I motion that the GUM undertake the responsibilities of maintaining and updating Micropages to include accurate information about various micronations, and that the project be administered by the Secretariat for Statistical Research.” (Motion passed)
  4. National Reports. Link available here.
  5. Any Other Business. None.
  6. Quorum adjourned.

Quorum: 13/5/2017

Nations present:

1. Esse

2. Flammancia

3. Stravinia

4. Ashukovo

5. Koss

6. Mercia

7. Austenasia

8. Mcarthia


1. Welcome.

2. Membership applications: the Republic of Glastieve. (Motion passed.)

3. Motion: reorganize the Media and Public Relations Secretary to the Secretariat of Public Relations and Press. (Motion passed.)

4. Motion: make Dave Ross an SPRP Outreach Officer. (Motion passed.)

5. Motion: make Bilal Irfan an SPRP Outreach Officer. (Motion passed.)

6. Koss’ Diplomabear Report: Diplomabear traveling to Wyvern.

7. Weekly Statistics Report: conducted by Ashukovo in place of the Secretary.

8. Questions to the Chair: No questions asked.

9. GUM Nation Reports: to be posted on the forum.

10. Quorum adjourned.